Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol - And The Winner Is David!

Season 7 Final Results - Crowning the Winner, The Cut From 2 to 1 American Idol

So in a last minute ditch effort to try to meet with a new boy and seduce him and make him realize I'm the love of his life, I'm... GASP... skipping the 2 bloated hours of American Idol final results show and playing it on Fast Forward instead (much like every results episode anyways).

And since I love both David's, even the last 5 minutes when they crown the winner is kind of irrelevant to me. As the school guidance counselor says, everyone's a winner! Plus, I was able to prepare this post so far before the actual show, including the awesomely clever title! (I know. Original eh? Only every other blogger has probably used it too)

And it's not like I'm yearning to see everybody sing the group medley again. I mean, I actually liked this years group (or at least, Brooke, Syesha, Michael Johns and Carly) but it's not like I'm going to go to the live tour concert. I'm only obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance enough to see THAT live!

Speaking of which, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!! Starts again! Thursday! May 22nd! 2 hour season 4 premiere!!! (8pm on FOX, 7pm on CTV in Canada) Check back here for my ongoing coverage/ unhealthy obssession. (And as a bonus for myself, I'm going to see Altar Boyz this weekend again now starring Neil Haskell! Woot Woot!)

So what did I miss? The odd medley of George Michael songs before his big appearance. Ramielle! Chikezie! Amanda Overmyer! I totally forgot about you guys already! Welcome back to your 15 minutes! Speaking of which, what's with the George Michael resurgence?

A dance number from Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr., Carrie Underwood singing her one bad song, and apparently lots and lots of other stars plus a gratuitous appearance by the Love Guru (and oh have I heard bad stories about Guru Pitka). Do all the stars come with the Kodak Theatre? Is that a package deal? When did American Idol's finale become the new Oscar?

Plus Donna Summer and Bryan Adams and Seal and ZZTop! (What year is this again?)

And Jonas Brothers and OneRepublic! (oh that's better...right. 2008.) (With David Archuleta proving he can sound current with his duet on "Apologize").

So finally in the final moments of the episode, which was getting mighty close to the point where I stopped taping the show, they FINALLY announced the winner tallied from 97 Million votes (??? I hope you all turn out in November!):

So winning by 12 Million votes...

David Cook!!! WOOO!!! (Was that Cameron Manheim woohooing?)

Woo!!! A worthy winner! Though I could say that no matter what had happened tonight!

Anyways, here are some "choice" video clips from the finale:

David Archuleta and David Cook duets on - "Hero":

David Archuleta and OneRepublic - "Apologize":

Syesha Mercado with Seal - "Waiting for You":

Jason Castro - "Hallelujah":

Michael Johns and Carly Smithson duet on - "The Letter":

Brooke White and Graham Nash:

Jonas Brothers - "S.O.S.":

Jordin Sparks, passing the torch to this years winner (in the most unflattering dress EVER):

Top 6 Boys and Bryan Adams sings a Medley of Bryan Adams songs:

Top 6 Girls and Donna Summers sings a Medley of Donna Summer songs:

Top 12 sings a George Michael Medley:

Top 12 sings "Get Ready":

David Archuleta as Tom Cruise:

Thanks to ZOSO and other clippers for a season long of clipping.

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