Friday, May 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - S.C.D.C. The New Electric (Boogaloo) Term

Auditions - Charleston, South Carolina and Washington D.C. - Ep. 403

Judges in Charleston, South Carolina: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Tyce DiOrio
Judges in Washington D.C.: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Dan Karaty

The auditions continue on in Charleston, South Carolina where many of past season faves had started off (Heidi! Benji! Travis!)

Sheila Kaiser is the first dancer we see from Charleston and she's a smart cookie (studying biological engineering) and she CAN dance! Not blow my mind dancing but pretty good and I like her pluck:

Jeremiah Hughes has a nice face, is shown shirtless and then speaks. Don't speak. Please. Don't speak. That spiritual cheese you're spewing ruins the face and the body. Then Jeremiah dances with his shirt open. Know your strengths! OMG he's from Toronto! Oh gawd...:

Twins Anthony Hart and Antwain Hart are pretty good, but not great. But Nigel calls out Anthony for repeating the same few moves, but praises Antwain for being the better of the two. Then they get to dance together. After Antwain sweetly praises his brother, and when they dance together, it's AWESOME (and both will make it to Vegas):

BJ Harris doesn't make it to Vegas after the choreography but the guy apparently has no bones. It's almost sickening. Freaky for sure:

Courtney Galiano is cute (she reminds me of Rachel Bilson or that Mila girl from That 70's Show) and dances contemporary pretty well:

Claire Calloway was that girl that got injured in season 2 and was guaranteed a free pass to Vegas in season 3, until she had a baby. She's back and looking skankier than ever, but she manages to make it through the choreography round and to Vegas although I don't really see anything special here:

The auditions continue in the nation's capital, Washington D.C. (where I'll be this weekend!):

Megan Campbell is pretty good in that white-girl-does-contemporary way but I felt like I've seen this all before (like Courtney Galiano above). Still, she's not bad:

Markus Shields wears a shirt with his deceased mother's face on it, while wearing one of those head thingy's that make him look like a gangster from the hood. I'm sorry if I'm racist or fall for the stereotype but I did NOT expect him to dance that gracefully in his slow hip hop/contemporary format:

Only 10 make it through on day 1 in DC.

Brandon Bryant auditioned before when he was 15 (you must be 18 or older) and so here he is again finally at 18. Wow. He's not polished, his hands aren't great but wow, those muscles float in the air and it's one of the best auditions I've seen this year so far. Now if he can only shut up when he's not dancing. Conceited a little? He's not horrible but his personality is already annoying me a little. Sorry, but Travis had the same control and tons of humility (or at least acted it, which is fine enough by me since we never saw him waver from that). Anyways, the dancing was good. Wow:

Phucdat Nguyen (for real?) looks like he might turn out into another joke, but some of his breaking, spins, and twisty gumby like moves were no joke:

Anthony Bryant (related to Brandon? He sure has the same cocky attitude, though coming from Julliard I can see why) and he's technically very good. The judges fault him for the lack of spark.

Phucdat doesn't make it to Vegas (I'm sure he's saying his name out loud!) and neither does Anthony, who while I think deserves to move on, turns into the gay diva bitch that I feared was lurking beneath. Maybe I'm a self hating gay but gawd, do we REALLY need to reinforce that stereotype more?

So all in all, some pretty decent dancing, though no one really blew me away (at least without having attitude (the Bryants) or a weird personality (Jeremiah)) to capture my devotion at this point. Though as I say, it's still way too early to tell since we still haven't even seen most of the dancers that make it through to Vegas (which frustrates me about this phase of the show).

Next week: The Midwest!

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Joe Reid said...

Oh, I am with you on Jeremiah Hughes. That kid's gonna be trouble for me, big time.

I am loving reading through your old SYTYCD entries. As I said on my blog, we seem to be on the same wavelength.

Anonymous said...

Would you happen to know the music that was playing during Brandon Bryant's audition?

Vance said...

Apparently Brandon Bryant's song is "Lux Aeterna" buyCurt Mansell off of the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack (and was also featured in LOTR's Two Towers movie).

Joe, you and I are going to have to fight for him... or share...

Anonymous said...

Would anyone know the music that Sheila Kaiser danced to.

Anonymous said...

His real name is Danny Nguyen.

PHUCDAT is just a name he made up. Real story and known bboy. Atomic Goofball, you can find articales on it.

in reality, it's a joke. FAWK THAT! Ya american's got shitted on with the name on TV lol