Monday, May 12, 2008

The TV Blog Coalition - Let's Be Upfront Here

It's the TV Upfronts this week! When the networks announce their schedules for next season! But since we've been screwed over for this past season, is anybody even excited about this years Upfronts? I feel like we are still trying to figure out what we liked from last year (like, do I like, love or hate Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money?). Anyways, NBC already announced their schedule, but this week, the others unveil theirs, although because of the strike, many new shows from this past year will get a chance to "relaunch" with very few slots open for new shows. Oh well, whatever, as long as Pushing Daisies gets a second chance, and let's hope Aliens in America too!

As for the current state of television, the bloggers were talking about the following:

With her mind fully blown by a Wire actor joining the 90210 spinoff, Buzz asks which actors you'll always associate with particular characters. (BuzzSugar)

Amie shared her thoughts on MTV's The Hills' latest episode "No Place Like Home." (Daemon's TV)

Marcia worried about starlet stunt-casting on How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty. (Pop Vultures)

Facial Hair or Facial Scare: What do you think of this growing trend and which TV star who wears his facial hair best? (RTVW)

Come see why Scooter will be saying "What up Mustafa?" ad nausea for the next couple months. And if that doesn't wet your appetite, it has to do with something on PBS not named Bob Ross. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)

"Fame, I'dols going to live forever, I'dols going to learn how to fly, high!". Vance notes how this weeks American Idol fit into the lyrics of "Fame" eerily well. (Tapeworthy)

While once again obsessed with Lost, Jace remembered why he loves Battlestar Galactica so frakking much. (Televisionary)

Once again, TiFaux's kinky side reared its ugly head as Dan discussed which TV star tattoos were the hottest. Vote on who you think is the hottest! (TiFaux)

Tube Talk vents its frustration at ABC for cancelling Men in Trees. (Tube Talk)

With the rumblings in the press that SMALLVILLE'S Allison Mack is getting ready to jump ship, this TV Addict thought he'd offer up a word of caution. (the TV Addict)

Kate broke down who will be in and who will be out when Project Runway makes its move to Lifetime. (TV Filter)


tube talk girl said...

Vance, LOL at your comment about deciding whether or not you like Private Practice or Dirty, Sexy, Money. I feel the same way. I could go either way with those shows. But Pushing Daises has had my heart since it sprouted!

Vance said...

haha. glad I'm not the only one indifferent to PP or DSM.

And also loving PD! WOO!!!

Sadly, my other fave Aliens in America was cancelled... argh...