Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CBS 2008-2009 Video Previews

I realised I never posted this the other week even though I had prepared this post but as you can see from my promptness, I seem REALLY excited about these new shows don't I? Anyways, it's CBS. If I AM excited and actually like a show, they will probably cancel it anyways (and the bitterness of Love Monkey's cancellation continues).

Project Gary - I used to love Jay Mohr. What happened?

Worst Week - Um, on paper, this sounds terrible but I actually laughed and I like Kyle Bornheimer as the naked man that always seems to screw up around his girlfriends parents. Sounds like a one-note movie but seems cute if unsubstantial and could possibly be a good guilty pleasure. I do need a replacement for Reba.

The Ex-List - The show that seems the most anti-CBS and really should be on ABC or The CW, but also the one with the most potential (if only because its from one of the Veronica Mars writers).

The Eleventh Hour - "Science takes a deadly turn in this gripping new mystery drama from acclaimed producer Jerry Bruckheimer". It'll be a hit that no one talks about. I'm bored already.

The Mentalist - Simon Baker! In this? Crap. The title alone makes me want to run away.

Harper's Island (Midseason) - It's a limited series. It takes place in a cold looking watery mountained environment. It looks scary and spooky. Did Twin Peaks need to be remade? Still, I'm intrigued but ONLY because Bill Pullman is in this, and some hot looking actors who I'm sure will all be killed by the end of the series save for 3, one who will be the killer, and the other 2 the good guys that save the day. No? (Though I still think this might flame out big time).

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