Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Glory Days Already Had It


Glory Days opened officially on Broadway last night. It also closed last night. The producers are pulling the plug on the little (but still $2.5 Million musical) that should have gone Off-Broadway or something, and while the prospect of the behind-the-scenes-underdog-success-story was part of the appeal, now it'll become one of the biggest-Broadway-failures-in-history story. No more jumping for joy. Your Glory Days are over.

I still stand by my review but also brings up the point that location, expectation, my actual mood at the time, and PRICE have a lot to do with my ratings (and I'm not afraid to say it even though what little reputation I have probably went down the tubes, not that anybody cares about my reputation).

Then again, I did say it was imperfect and should have workshopped its way to Off-Broadway. Now it's it was under the big Broadway lights to get viciously attacked by the Broadway queens (and I say that in the sweetest way ModFab!), bloggers and critics (though NYT's Ben was actually kind to them, as was theatremania). Still, there was a gem in there and I didn't think it was as bad as everyone else who has been ripping it apart (please, it wasn't nearly as horrible as We Will Rock You or Starlight Express)

It's interesting to note that Variety's original review (though with a different New York critic) was supportive of the show as well (before David tore it apart), so at least I don't feel alone on this.

Oh well, time to move onto better days...

Still, I hope it doesn't scare producers from being adventurous and producing smaller more intimate shows (as I equate to the indie movies that started taking over the Oscars), because I think the diversity on Broadway is a good thing, and we don't need every new show to be a movie transfer.

Yah yah, joke all you want that producers will if it's actually better but considering Merrily We Roll Along (which might get a Broadway bow next year!) was savaged when it first came out, (along with a tepid receival of Sunday in the Park with George, and um... other musicals that aren't necessarily Sondheim because I'm not comparing Glory Days writers Blaemire and Gardiner with him), I do find sometimes the times and circumstances just bring on the scathing attacks.

I'd much rather have a half boiled attempt at something intimate and personal and thoughtful than a big dumb musical that's bound to be a hit (again, see We Will Rock You).


Anonymous said...

No offense taken, Tapeworthy. But if you want us to take your positive review of GLORY DAYS as more than a surface read of deeply flawed material, then you have to give us the credit that we're not just "attacking" because the times demand it. GLORY DAYS, at least on Broadway (might've been different in DC), simply didn't have any compelling qualities. That's just the reality...which even the kinder reviews here readily admitted.

Vance said...

oh yeah. I see the points of the negative reviews too.

I think I was more saying that maybe I tend to give more positive reviews depending on the situation too (underdog) but then I decided not to change my original assessment.

Oh well, anyways, there goes my credibility. If I even had any. Ha!

Anonymous said...

In defense of GD, I really do like the four songs I have. But I haven't seen the show.