Friday, May 09, 2008

Grey's Anatomy - Parallel Lives

The Becoming - Ep. 414

Richard meets up with Adele (Loretta Devine doing quite well for herself on Thursday ABC shows) as the negotiator for the nurses union when the nurses retaliate against Sloan's sexaholic ways. Richard gains an intern, getting George to pass around a sexual history questionnaire to the entire staff. Because THAT's going to go well.

Burke is awarded a surgical prize, and Hahn gives Christina the opportunity to take the case, but she goes off reeling into musical mode, singing "Like a Virgin" to herself in the morgue.

Meanwhile, Meredith treats a soldier Santiago (Benny Ciarmello off duty from Friday Night Lights) due for surgery who is having an affair with a fellow male soldier Todd (David Giuntoli from Road Rules: South Pacific), and of COURSE, they kiss and get caught by the conservative father. You know, I would say it's a tired story, but maybe because of personal reasons, it still resonates deeply, and they played the soldiers romantic kiss, and the subsequent rejection by Ciarmello towards Giuntoli, wonderfully sympathetic, with Meredith looking upon the secret gay couple. Plus, we don't get Road Rules in Canada but damn, I wish I did! (I already watch Friday Night Lights and already love Santiago and so should you!)

Meanwhile, Callie is still sleeping with Sloan and pushing Hahn away, and Hahn is noticing. It's heartbreaking, watching Hahn (a perfect Brooke Smith) as she struggles to connect with ANY friends. Meanwhile, Sloan pushes Callie away with all his sexaholic brouhaha (loved that Bailey slaps him in the head) and the nurse boycott he caused.

Alex treats a woman stuck in a bubble, going crazy being isolated from her family, while Izzie is going crazy dealing with the secret that she knows (that Rebecca/Ava is lying about her pregnancy).

Christina breaks down about Burke and his accomplishments and awards as she lives the same life in his apartment, invisible under Hahn, while she toils away unrecognized. Dramatic Sandra Oh is back! I miss funny sarcastic Christina but this breakdown is much needed (as long as we know it'll spring back the funny sarcastic Christina back).

Hahn and Callie mend their ways and then laugh at the notion of being mistaken as a couple... haha hehe... ugh... or not. Seriously, it's played to perfection by White and Ramirez.

Bailey unites the nurses to point out that Sloan is a whore, always been a whore, always will be a whore, and the nurses who chose to be with him knew what they were getting. Loved the instructions to close their knees together and move on. You said it girl! I'm glad the feisty Bailey is back, especially after breaking down in front of Richard about being single. Get that out of your system girl!

Sadly, the soldier doesn't survive and Todd is devastated. I loved the parallels of the gay love story and Meredith's inability to be with Derek because of Rose (uh, somehow that sounded better in my head), at least until they pounded the idea over our head when the psychiatrist (Amy Madigan, Field of Dreams) explicitly tells Meredith and us in easy to understand terms. If you build it, he will come. Read that how you will...

Finally, if you missed this episode in Canada, CTV finally has the episodes available on Broadband online. It's about time.

If you just want to re-watch the soldiers kiss, Towleroad clipped it here:

Thanks to Towleroad for the screencap and clipping.

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