Friday, May 02, 2008

Supafly Thursdays! Super Fierce Tasty Hot Episodes of Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, Lost, The Office and Survivor

Ugly Betty - Burning Questions - Ep. 215
Grey's Anatomy - Piece of My Heart - Ep. 413
30 Rock - Sandwich Day - Ep. 214
Lost - Something Nice Back Home - Ep. 410
The Office - Did I Stutter? - Ep. 412
Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs. Favorites - I'm Gonna Fix Her! - Ep. 1712

Ugly Betty is pretty (funny) again! Grey's Anatomy is awash in the wide range of emotional colours again! And Lost has totally found its way! Can ABC's Thursday lineup be more perfect? Only if it stole NBC's 30 Rock which totally rocked it again! Survivor is surprisingly surviving quite amazingly!

Meanwhile, at The Office, is less cringe inducing than recent episodes, so at least it was mildly entertaining enough with a hint at a turn back for the better. You know it's a good night when The Office is the worst of the night.

After a week of exposition, Ugly Betty came back from its fantasy emotional fairytale episode with one that was funny as they covered all its campy melodrama with a pyromaniac trying to burn Betty, Henry and Gio in a fight, trashy Gina showing up Hilda, and Christian Siriano! . Grey's Anatomy is back in perfect melodramatic perfection! The cases are interesting again, the characters are likable again, and the episode wavered back from the drama to the comedy that made it the hit in the first place. 30 Rock gives hot babe Tina Fey some motherf#$king hilarious jokes as she gets all a'twitter when Floyd returns! Lost let us breath a bit this week by confirming a lot of our suspiscions and giving us more clues in a quieter manner which still resulted in slow creepy shivers down my spine. AtThe Office, Stanley calls out the idiocy of Michael, which has been the downfall of the show in general, so let's hope this is a turn back to the greatness of this show. As for Survivor, I won't spoil it here but oh SNAP!

Ugly Betty:

In a brilliant move that recognizes Betty and Daniel's awesomely written boss/assistant relationship and friendship, they throw them a hilarious twist when a jealous paranoid Renee (off her meds because of Wilhelmina's new scheme started last week) suggests to Daniel that she's being kept away because his assistant Betty is in love with him. Daniel of course, starts believing it, seeing everything Betty says and does in a different light.

Amanda and Marc are still apart, but Becky Newton throws every subtle and every non-subtle line reading when Daniel asks for her advice on Betty's apparent crush. Becky Newton is a comedic genius! AND Her hair was also totally fab! Amanda also "spills" the beans of Betty and Gio's renewed friendship in front of Henry. Oops!

Henry heads off to confront Gio about it which ends with a fist being thrown. Henry at Gio's pretty face. Who knew!?

Hilda gets a call from nemesis Gina Gambarro who is apparently now married to a rich doctor. So it's ON, as the designer gloves go ON and the comparisons begin. I love Hilda and I know that they sometimes have a hard time fitting her in, but as long as Ana Ortez gets screen time (though hopefully with more Justin next time), the better. AND Ava Gaudet returns as Gina! The trash talking neighbour, who ends up actually being married to a seemingly sweet and cute normal guy, leaving Hilda realizing her own sad and lonely life (at least until next week when she will get to hook up with Eddie Cibrian, so don't feel too sorry for her yet). Why does this storyline feel familiar to me this week? Or every week?

Marc and Wily continue to manipulate Renee's situation, trying to send her back to the psycho ward once the therapist (Niles! Daniel Davis) by getting Renee to endanger herself or others. Renee is all in a rage and jealous of Betty.

When Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia visit mode with Christian's models (and Rebecca to boot!), Renee goes all in a rage after seeing the skinny models near Daniel (though who wouldn't? Just the sight of the skinny models makes me mad enough to eat... pass the chips and dips please...). And if Project Runway wasn't practice enough, Christian fits perfectly into the Mode mood and knocks his one liners out of the park. Fierce! Loved that they worked in "Tranny Mess" with Alexis there.

It was an all-round terrific episode, with a deranged Renee setting Daniel's apartment on fire in order to entrap Betty, with Betty saving the day in her manly ways! Even Christina showed her face again, eavesdropping from Wily's apartment and helping Betty learn Renee's secret. There was drama! Hot fire! Nina Garcia! And Marc being funny! And Amanda being funny! And Gio's adorable face! And Daniel slow realization that he's being made fun of when Betty indulges in his concern over her apparent crush. Love those two! Love this show, and I'm glad the funny is back!

Grey's Anatomy:

Addison is back to help on a baby case with Mark, but it's Private Practice Addison back, not the former strong and confident Grey's Anatomy Addison but whatever, it gives the show a reason to remind everyone of all the changes a year can make. And what changes! Like, uh, the show is actually good again! We actually care again! The characters are not annoying as hell! (Well, Christina is as she hunts down for Hahn's approval but that's funny!)

Loved having three strong women at the table. Callie, Hahn and Addison. And laughed fricken out loud after Addison had thought Callie was in a relationship with Hahn (and Callie having her kneejerk reaction with her proclaiming that she loves penis. Penis Penis Penis). Laughed even louder when Callie realised at the bar that Hahn and her WERE like girlfriends in a relationship after Hahn picks off a chunk of lip gloss directly off her lips. Callie freaks and heads towards Sloan, helping him satisfy his horny needs, and leaving a heartbroken Hahn behind. All under Addison's watch. Love. It!

I sort of groaned when I had heard rumblings of another outing but they've actually turned it into quite an entertaining twist which doesn't seem as forced as I thought it would be.

I loved the case with Jason O'Mara and Clea Duvall as the handsome A man who marries the waitress, probably in part because of his brain tumor. They played the hilarity and the heartbreak and earned Meredith points for her empathy towards the wife.

In fact, all the cases were great this week, with the HIV pregnant woman who chastises Izzie for stepping in with her own opinions. Alex and his cynical self deals with a hippie super positive couple whose unborn child has multiple problems that required Sloan and Addison's expertise. There's little hope for the unborn baby and Alex (like probably the rest of us) wants to smack the hopeful hippie) so it was emotionally satisfying to see Alex switch gears when the surgery is successful and he learns of his own baby!

Own baby you say? Ava/Jane Doe/Rebecca Pope/Elizabeth Reaser/Whatever she's known as anymore returns AGAIN with the news that she's pregnant and while Alex rejects her at first, he comes around by the end.

Meanwhile, George is partying it up with the other interns and rejects their boss Izzie. Ouch. Harsh, and it gets awkward at the lunch table with everyone gathers around and George's presence and status is glaring. Or maybe it was Christina trying to be like a girl that threw things off!

Addison learns about Meredith and Derek breaking up. And meets Rose in the operating room (awkward!). Bailey breaks down finally, telling Addy of her horrible year, while Addison officially turns down Richard's offer to come back to Seattle Grace, but she's got Taye Diggs, Paul Adelstein, Tim Daly and Chris Lowell back in LA waiting for her!

There were too many funny lines and moments interspersed with the dramatic medical drama, all while the characters soapy lives didn't feel cheap or forced, making the show fun and emotional all over again!

More on 30 Rock, Lost, The Office and Survivor after the jump below:

30 Rock:

As if they didn't already have a tasty tasty sandwich before, Sandwich brings back a tasty tasty treat (Floyd) and throws up some funny funny stuff!

I don't know what was funnier, Liz all aglow with fancy lighting and wind blower capturing the exotic essence of her sexiness in a tiny revealing red dress to impress Floyd (FLOYD'S BACK! (a supadupa hot looking Jason Sudeikis), or her reaction to the missing sandwich and threatening to cut up all the writers, Kenneth and Tracy's faces until they had chins again.

Meanwhile, a demoted Jack tries to wrestle out a commanding word from Don Geiss, and instead, hears a voice to leave GE.

Loved the jibe at the airline that gets "cancelled" after one storm, pushing Floyd to return to Liz's during her less-exotic-looking times.

And Jenna appears again! For once! In aid of Tracy, Frank and the rest of the pansy's to convince the teamsters to tell them the secret sandwich place. In the end, it wasn't Jenna's womanly charms that they needed, but Kenneth's childhood drinking habits to help earn the teamsters respect.

Best line: "I'll move to Cleveland when you get that Ikea" - Liz to Floyd after a fight they have when she catches him on the street lying to her about his real flight time.

Oh wait, the funniest part is when Liz runs after Floyd in the airport and is stopped at security for the sandwich and the dipping sauce and scarfs it down in front of the cliched security agent.

Less funny? That Jack Donaghy is named by President Bush as the new Homeland Security Director of Crisis and Weather Management. Not funny because it probably reflects reality way more than we think.


Speaking of tasty tasty, it's another Jack flashforwardwith a towel wrapped Jack (Matthew Fox getting a teeny bit chunkier but somehow still supa dupa hot and even MORE appealing somehow) getting into the shower with the always hot and exotic Kate.

When did A. Rod start? Jack reads about him in the paper, and reads to Kate's boy. (Was it ever established that the boy was Aaron or is that just a guess?)

Back on the island, Jack has fainted from a ruptured appendix and Juliet is concerned as everyone else was arguing over the radio and the boat. Loved Rose warning "Red" (Charlotte) of her attitude.

Miles, off with Sawyer and Claire on their way back to the beach, discovers the remains of Rousseau and Karl. The also encounter Frank who warns them to hide, since the pyscho security guy Martin Keamy (Kevin Durrand, who's a COMEDIAN from Canada in real life???) and all the shooters from last week were with him, and baby Aaron almost gives them away.

Off the island, Jack visits Hurley who thinks the Oceanic 6 is dead and that they never got off the island. It's revealed that he got back together with Kate after the trial. What trial?

jack asks Kate to marry him. I'm assuming in the future.

Jin figures out that Charlotte understands Korean and threatens her and Daniel unless she promises to take Sun off the island when the helicopter returns (which is how she must have gotten off and why he wasn't with her at the baby's birth).

Meanwhile, Juliet and Bernard try to take out Jack's appendix, but while he wanted to stay conscious for the sugery, the pain is too much to bare and Bernard snuffs him out.

After Hurley had warned Jack that he would return, Jack sees an image of his father (cue shivers down the spine again for this week!) and asks his therapist for a prescription to help him sleep better. He returns home to catch Kate on the phone with "Noreen". Um yeah. Sure.

Oh wait, spoke too soon. The earlier shivers? Back on the island, Claire wakes up, still on their expedition and sleeping in the forest, with Aaron out of her hands and in the hands of her father sitting across the fire. Jack's father. Jack's father who was dead. SHIVERS!!!

Back off the island, Jack grills Kate and she fesses up that she's helping Sawyer. Jack gets angry for getting off the island and helping save her, while Sawyer had stayed behind.

AND... the clues continue to rack up, our guesses are confirmed, leaving us even more lost,

Oh wait. spoke too soon. The earlier SHIVERS??? Sawyer and Miles wake up to find Claire missing. Miles had seen Claire walk away to follow her father. Sawyer hears Aaron's cries and finds him... but not Claire...

Oh sheet.

A quieter episode, but one that was needed to fill out the gaps after last week's gasp inducing episode. Yet no less scary this week. Awesome!

The Office:

Poor Toby.

Poor poor Toby.

Poor poor poor Toby.

After running away for fondling Pam in front of everyone last week, Toby uses his power to get Jim in trouble for poor sales (for spending too much time at Pam's desk) to Ryan. Who really needs to shave.

Stanley has an outburst in a meeting that concerns Toby. Stanley is unwilling to apologize since he did nothing wrong (and don't you forget that wife and future wives of Stanley!)

Loved Dwights chart detailing the networks at Dundler Mifflin. Which included the female "cycles" noted in pink... ew.

The disgruntled Stanley finally calls out Michael on all his stupidities (for him and all us viewers) and everyone else in the office rushes out, including a four eyed Pam.

Loved Stanley's reaction after the "meeting" between Michael and Stanley, and loved Phyllis getting in trouble for calling Michael's idea stupid. Poor Phyllis. Poor poor Phyllis.


OH SNAP Alexis!

Three blindsides in a row!

I can't believe Amanda actually did find that immunity idol just in time! And Damn, someone needs to hand her the Oscar for playing it PERFECTLY! LOVED the Jury's smiling reactions. Loved Cirie and Parvati's reaction.

I do feel sorry for the Fans but damn, THAT was a sucker punch! Sadly, I'm still rooting for Cirie and Amanda so DAMN! That was GOOD! Amanda sure did make quite the cut!

And to think I thought the whole twist of this episode was going to be James' ouster due to a medical injury.

Boy, you cannot underestimate this seasons Survivor which has turned out far better than I expected. They turned usually the most boring episode (the family reunion) into another shocking and hilarious ending!


Anonymous said...

First of all, wanted to say I love your blog! But I wanted to point out that it wasn't William Daniels as Renee's therapist on Ugly Betty. It was Daniel Davis, who played the butler Niles on the Nanny.

Vance said...

Oh shoot and I realised that too last night. I thought Mr. Feenie first but then realised it was The Nanny guy and yet still I wrote the wrong guy down. Oops. my Bad... This mega TV onslaught is really putting its toll on my sleep and brain... haha... but TV SO GOOD!

Scooter McGavin said...

Apparently you missed the Kate on trial episode because that is where we learn the boy is in fact Aaron. She was on trial for killing her dad and Jack was her character witness. Afterwards Kate asked him back to her place but he refused because he wasn't ready to see "him" (which turned out to be Aaron). Which made this about face the very next flashforward somewhat head scratching.

Vance said...

Boy I really AM tired and need more sleep. Cause as soon as you mentioned the trial, I remembered it all. I figured it was Aaron and stuff but I forgot how much they actually established it or ho much of it was theories around the web... I'm starting to confuse the two, forgetting what I know from what!

Okay, one more month on my current project and then I'll get more time to sleep again! And make sense again!