Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Next Step? - How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother - Miracles - Ep. 320 - Season Finale
The Big Bang Theory - Tangerine Factor - Ep. 117 - Season Finale

Was it me or did the editing in How I Met Your Mother seem particularly haphazard? On a story that already went back and forth and all over the place already? (Or is it just because I'm super tired from the long weekend that I kept feeling like I missed a scene or something (which is also possible since the Canadian channels feed felt like it started off halfway through a scene))

Lots happened, and it felt like 3 episodes squeezed into one. Come to think of it, it probably WAS three original episodes squeezed into one. Yet I have very little commentary about the actual episode. Probably because everytime it felt like it was gaining momentum, it took a twist two steps back.

Ted freaks out when Stella invites him to a wedding 6 months in the future (breaking a very good rule that I've never actually heard of but should keep in mind, that of never inviting a new relationship to something that is more than twice the time away from the time you've actually dated). So Ted breaks up with Stella.

Then Ted gets into a car accident. The friends run to the hospital in a slo-mo furry of worry.

Ted's fine and eating Jello. But the accident makes him rethink the Stella situation.

They make up, dry hump at the hospital, until Stella finds out from Lily that she had actually been dumped by Ted (she never realized). Stella REALLY breaks up with Ted.

Ted of course goes back to apologize and in the result, ends up asking Stella to marry him.

See ya next season!

Was that proof Stella is the mother?

I doubt it. Somehow it just didn't feel as romantic as the rest of the show has already done (though it was hilarious/sad when Stella finally realized that she was actually dumped by Ted).

In between, there's side segments of Marshall in a little hat at school, Marshall at the borders after Amsterdam in hippie clothes getting cleared, and Marshall with lice at his old law firm when he begged for his job back, all in stories to prove his luck.

Barney wasn't so lucky when he races to Ted's side at the hospital and gets hit by a bus. So shocking that what could have been funny was kinda funny but painful to watch. At least they got to hug it out. Best Bro's forever!

On The Big Bang Theory, Penny breaks up with her boyfriend and Leonard somehow convinces her to go back to him. It ends up being an even bigger disaster, giving Leonard a second chance to comfort Penny and win her heart. They kiss when she decides to give him a chance (after some long weird explanation from Sheldon that totally flew by my head just like it flew over Penny's).

See ya next season!

Well, that ended a charming first season that surprised me in my thorough enjoyment of a Chuck Lorre show! Silly and nothing genius, but cute enough with some hilarious nerdtastic moments from Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajnesh and a breakout performance from Jim Parsons as Sheldon that keeps me hooked onto The Big Bang Theory!

Meanwhile, it's been an uneven season for How I Met Your Mother with some genius episodes and moments (2 minute date anyone?) that seem interspersed between less excitable filler, and the finale episode seemed to teeter between both in every new scene. I hope Ted's big question isn't just a brief cliffhanger moment that gets resolved too easily in the new season, but I'm not sure if it's also the right next step for them or the show yet. Love Stella, but it felt off, maybe because Sarah Chalke seemed like she was rushing back towards JD at Sacred Heart after thinking she was in the clear, but alas, it didn't gel for me as much as I hoped (or usually come to expect from HIMYM).

Let's hope the creative team takes the summer to regroup since we've now seen some great creative bounce backs on Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and House.

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