Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heart Attack - Bones & House

Bones - The Pain in the Heart - Ep. 315 - Season Finale
House - Wilson's Heart - Ep. 416 - Season Finale

Okay, I know in this day and age when being in the title credits doesn't mean your character becomes immune anymore from anything, especially after shows like Lost or 24, but I really didn't expect House and Bones to actually end off the way they did.

Seriously, WHAT? I had watched House first, where they continued from last week's bus accident where House had his own brain threatening injury while he tried to determine the other nameless unidentified victim in the bus who happened to be Amber, and I loved that the House had to endanger his own life to help save Amber. I'll keep the rest of the spoilers after the jump below.

I thought House had saved the day again when Amber woke up after the surgery so it threw me off when she still said she was dying (because of some pills she took that her body wasn’t able to filter out). And then Wilson cries and cuddles with Amber. And then she dies. WHAT?

I don’t know why but I actually didn’t expect that. I thought they would finally have saved her. Maybe cause I’ve forgotten that they killed babies before back in the first season, but I got used to them saving the day of late. Having the other ducklings be semi-forced to mourn her death was a nice touch.

Meanwhile, I’m still not sure it was the smartest move for the Bones writing crew to throw suspect on the Bones crew as everyone from Camille, to Sweets to Hodgins becomes a suspect as part of the Gorgamon killings, so it was a little unrattling when Zach becomes the suspect and is in fact, found guilty. It’s a shocking twist that sort of shatters the great illusions of the terrific chemistry the squints had for 3 seasons, but I felt the episode had little payoff after the big twist. I loved it and loathed it.

After all that, and essentially tarnishing Zach’s character forever, the capture of the Gorgamon man-eating killer was a bit fast, furious and unfulfilling.

Still, for the disappointing climax and denouement, the rest of the episode was terrific, showing the great chemistry within the cast and the hilarious lines thrown off between the grisly subject matter they had in between. Plus John Francis Daly’s addition as Sweets is so good that I forgot he was a only recent addition when that fact caused for suspicion so I had hoped he wasn’t the actual killer.

Loved that Booth had to fact his own death after last week’s shooting, loved that no one was told (due to Sweets) and that Bones was angry at Booth for not telling her, despite national security. Loved that Bones walked in on Booth in the tub. LOVED that. They need to show that more often…

Anyways, at least Hodgins isn’t the creepy killer and his romance with Angela can continue. I’m still sad that Zach was the killer in the end, which explains why people questioned if Eric Milligan would be back next season or not.

I guess it’s still open to a return, since he’s not dead, just in psychiatric care, but I guess Amber is gone, at least in real life, and can only return to House’s head.

Wilson really can’t have anything good happen to him can he?

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