Monday, May 12, 2008

Brothers & Sisters - A Gay Ol' Time

Prior Commitments - Ep. 216 - Season Finale

Since I didn't get to watch last nights episode due to a delayed flight back home, I'll try to catch up tonight (though as of this weekend, I now have roomates so I'm going to have to learn to share the TV... this will be interesting...) and I'll try to expand on this later.

In the meantime, look how cute they were!!? (the other promo photos that have been floating around the web are after the jump below):

Update: Okay, I've watched it!

So, while the episode was not perfect, it was pretty great... at least until that last scene but I'll get to that later.

News spreads that Rebecca isn't actually a Walker. Love that Kevin enters the fray thinking everyone is talking about him and his news of marrying Scotty.

Sarah searches back to the original photos of baby "R" to figure out what kind of mess William Walker left them.

Kevin and Scotty plan their quick commitment ceremony. Kevin goes off to Arizona to invite Scotty's reluctant parents (with Jayne Brooks as his far-too-young-to-be-Scotty's-mom mom) where Scotty's dad secretly gives Kevin his own wedding cufflinks to pass onto Scott. It was a sweet moment, only to be accentuated by the touching moment when Kevin passes the gift to Scotty. If I wasn't so macho, I'd be crying.

Okay fine. There was a little mist in my eyes. It's allergy season okay?

Then Kevin walks into the living room to find a jungle of petunias and marigolds had eaten the place up, with Nora giving them most loving and impassioned speech to the deserving Kevin that I got misty eyed again (it's a natural reaction from seeing all those flowers, I swear).

By then, the ceremony becomes just a nice denouement, at least until a last minute diversion with Saul hilariously coming out to the rest of the Walkers after Saul, like Kevin, thought everyone was talking about him behind closed doors.

Then Kevin flashes back to some time spent with his father where he remembers the photo of baby "R" as a Ryan, son of a woman who had died who seemed relevant to William.

So there we have it, a new brother Ryan for Brothers & Sisters after we lose one sister Rebecca.

A Rebecca who ends up meeting Justin wherein they end up kissing. Ew. Ew. Triple Ew... and they end THERE??? Just as they were starting to sort out the uneven second season, finishing off with a nice gay wedding (and a sweet choice from Kitty in her decision to adopt with Robert) and the family unifying again in the news of Williams OTHER philandering mistake, and we get a not-really-but-still-feels-like-incest story?

I'm rolling my eyes at this point. Especially since it was just getting good again.

Oh well, let's hope the summer fling passes and we return to better days with the Walkers come fall.

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