Friday, May 30, 2008

Still Lost and Gasping For Air

Did last night just happen?


Did the island just disappear? Like plop. Into the ocean?

Did Ben just really MOVE the island?

OMG THAT LOST FINALE WAS SO GOOD but now my head hurts (though the lack of sleep probably has something to do with it too).

So apparently Jeremy Bentham is a v. famous English philosopher so my friend tells me. "Weird as hell, father of utilitarianism, certain forms of jurisprudence and the Auto-Icon (he had himself posthumously preserved!)...Bentham is late 18th, early 19th ce... John Locke, another famous philosopher, is seventeenth to early eighteenth century if I recall...he's the tabula rasa guy...he said that the mind is a blind slate when born vs. christian ideas that you are somewhat preformed.

That's where Bentham comes in because of his persona after death, the auto-icon idea if the writers are that smart... maybe. What i mean is that Bentham envisioned an afterlife for his corpse, that it would become animated and give speeches, or be studied, kind of venerated, etc. but also he theorized utilitarianism-- the happiness principle --and was all about rational government, a kind of efficiency for improvement of lives (kind of like punitive welfare)"

Thank goodness for history doctorate friends (is that the right term? PhD History? Anyways Congrats Sarah for finishing!).

Anyways, I'm not a huge Lost theorist because I'm just not that smart, I just enjoy it for the ride, the character studies and the DRAMA (and the funny lines in between it all).

I had been impressed already all season and it's pretty much going to be the clear winner in my new Best of List that I put out once the TV season is over (I should have it out sometime next week) but that was great last night!

Still, so what happens to those on the island? Where's Juliet and Sawyer? Rose and Bernard? Locke (or whatever the heck his name is) I guess is leader to the Others and I guess BAD THINGS HAPPEN. As in, worse than what's already happened? Do they all go down into the water in a bubble like Atlantis (as if we need new myths added on).

Is Claire assumed to be dead at this point? Michael and Jin too?

Did Desmond just up and leave now that he found the love of his life Penny? Just like that?

And how can Penny find them but daddy moneybags Charles not?

And how hot is Sun in her powersuit playing sly with Charles in London?

This is going to be a LONG wait for Season 5. Where's that bunny time traveling thing when you need it?

In the meantime, you can go check out the commercial for Octagon and join the recruitment from the fine folks at the Dharma Iniative.


Esther said...

It was a great season finale, but I'll admit I'm getting frustrated with Lost. There are just so many things I don't understand. What exactly was the Dharma Initative? Why couldn't Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc., simply go back on the boat with Penny and Desmond? Who or what is Jacob? Was the plane crash a random event or was there something more sinister behind it? It seems like we just get more layers of mystery. Plus, it's become very violent, like an action adventure movie, in addition to all the supernatural/surreal elements. I still enjoy watching it, and maybe when it's all over it'll make more sense! Why is it so important for them to go back to the island? Isn't just about everyone

Vance said...

I know. So many questions but Im okay with it cause its just good drama and great character studies. Plus the violence for me is just part of the good vs evil (not that we know who is who at this point for sure either) but even though I have NO idea what's really going on, I'm sure having fun along the ride!

Stella Louise said...

I'm with you--although I like to guess and try to figure things out, it's just as much fun to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I can't believe we have to wait NINE months! Yeah, where are those time traveling bunnies when you need them?