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Lost - Evil Dead? (Definitely) Not The Musical

Cabin Fever - Ep. 411

Seriously, that was fantastic! Even though I have NO idea what just happened.

"We Have To Move The Island" WHAT? What does that even MEAN? (Jace has a pretty good recap though, nothing I can even come close to deciphering let alone explain again)

Huge flashbacks to Locke's youth. Apparently Nestor Carbonell's Richard Alpert uses the best facial products EVER (can I have some of THAT moisturizer please?). The island is just SOOOO behind the times, literally, and there's more to Claire than everybody gave her credit for. Take that you big men who doubted the wee little blonde pixie!

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

We flashback to John Locke's bastard premature birth. Where Nestor Carbonell's Richard Alpert is there. Looking the same as he always does. Like when he recruited Juliet when Juliet was already grown up. The same Juliet who is much younger than Locke. John, as he must be called apparently according to his teenage mom Emily, is apparently a miracle baby, a fighter, that fends off every disease possible.

We flashback to John Locke as a child, when Richard Alpert shows up to test him. And fails, as the young Locke grabs a knife instead of the Mystery Tales comic book. And Richard looks the same as he always does. You could make parallels that the knife represents the hunter/wild man in Locke showing he's not "ready" for whatever Richard has planned for him, but at this point, it's just better I don't think and just watch!

We flashback to John Locke's teenage years, where he's bullied as you would have already guessed. We see John struggling with his recovery after his humongous fall out of a building. The one where is "father" pushed him out.

We see how he recovers on the island. The island that heals. The same island that is killing Ben.

Ben, Locke and Hurley are hiking in the woods, looking for the "cabin". All I think about is "Cabin in the Woods" from the Evil Dead The Musical Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording. "Cabin in the woods ooooh... A cabin in the woods yeah...". Let's just say both cabins are not pleasant places but the one on Lost sure doesn't carry the campy hilarity as the musical version. There is no joking around with the cabin on the island. See, only Hurley and John can see Jacob so far, and Ben takes a back seat since his visions are no more. Hurley is just scared.

Love that the threesome are completely lost with Ben thinking they're following Hurley, and Hurley and Locke thinking they're following Ben (Hurley: I'm not even in front).

Locke gets a vision of a now-dead Dharma Initiative Horace who seems to be cutting down the same tree over and over again? Horace seems to have been expecting Locke and tells him, in some dream, where to find clues to the cabin. Locke discovers a dead Horace, along with other dead DI's that provide the last clue to the cabin.

Locke goes into the cabin but Jacob isn't there to greet him. Instead, Jacob sends his representative, Jack's (we-thought-was-dead) father. Sitting next to him? Claire. His daughter. Say WHAT? Claire's okay. And looking a little twisted and evil. Or something. Just not the sweet Claire we have been used to for 4 seasons. Something's lurking beneath.

Meanwhile, something evil is definitely lurking beneath Keamy's skin (the crazy guy that shot Alex), with some weird not-an-iPod-mini tied to his arm, and being used as a threat. Michael is locked up and threatened for spilling the beans to Ben. The doctor is killed (after hearing the Morse code message that was sent by Faraday in a previous episode) and dropped overboard (later to be found by the islanders before (and yes, that sentence is supposed to make sense)) by the creepy Keamy, and finally, Keamy kills the captain (Grant Bowler) when the captain tries to subvert the ship with Desmond and Sayid's help. Who is this Keamy and what's so important about this mission (that included a plan b locked away in a safe) all ofr Charles Widmore's plan? Frank, after seeing the killings, agrees to fly Keamy and co. back to the island where Keamy is hunting for Ben. Why so important?

On the island, the helicopter passes and a bag with a tracking device is thrown towards them. A tracking device Jack believes is a message to follow them. I think it's a warning to them that "they" are coming in some weird time shifting thing again. Though isn't the island on a time delay?

Anyways, I've never been so fascinated and excited over something I have been so confused about (how come Calculus wasn't like this in college?)! Simply awesome and frightening!

By the way, if you're in Toronto, Evil Dead The Musical now has rush seats for $20 in the Splatter Zone (!!!) starting at 5pm at the Diesel Playhouse Box Office.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the Mystery Tales comic book cover holds the key to what's going to be the big season finale "gotcha"...move the island, because I've read the comic!