Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life's Good When All I Have To Complain About Is Too Much Good TV (And Maybe The Resulting Lack Of Sleep)

30 Rock - Rosemary's Baby Ep. 204
Ugly Betty - A League of Their Own - Ep. 205
Grey's Anatomy - Haunt You Every Day - Ep. 405
Dirty Sexy Money - The Bridge - Ep. 105
The Office - Local Ad - Ep. 405
Scrubs - My Own Worst Enemy - Ep. 701
My Name Is Earl - Frank's Girl - Ep. 306

I think Dirty Sexy Money finally is coming to its own this week and that we are starting to care about the Darlings, and how great was Thursday night? Everything was good, some even great! Even Grey's Anatomy made me laugh out loud again. SEVERAL TIMES! How great was when Christina cussed out Hahn, only to find out she was the new boss? Anyways, this post has sort of become half rave/half short recap but I may re-edit this alltogether later if I have more time... but I'll post this for now.

Ugly Betty and 30 Rock both were a riot. If Alec Baldwin didn't secure next years Emmy for impersonating Tracy's whole family in a psychiatric session to help stop Tracy from dog-fighting (caused by some daddy issues) (!!!????!!!???), it's only because they are going to get a run for their money from the folks at The Office and Ugly Betty. Marc gets a fat boyfriend (well, fat in Mode/TV world)!!!, Betty gets a date!!!, Claire "Pêche" Meade is on the hunt for Wilhelmina!!!, Henry is buff (sort of)!!!, Christina pretends to alter underwear!!!(the male models don't know you can't alter underwear!!!), Hilda starts hanging out with the Golden Girls!!!, Justin is still badass !!!, and Alexis starts remembering bad daddy Bradford!!! John Cho was back as Kenny! And I thought Tuscon was pronounced Tuk-Son TOO until about 3 years ago (but hey, I'm Canadian so I'll use that as my excuse).

(Oh, and just one more bit about 30 Rock, how funny was the Page Off?)

I love that Angela Bower is crazy now (and that she thunk/drunk and both work!), and now little Sam is all grown up as Alyssa Milano plays Billie on My Name is Earl as Frank's girl who Earl realises is too good for Frank. Billie was the good smart girl seduced into Frank's life of crime, and Earl realises it's better to help Billie turn her life back into good (like what he did), then to cross Frank off his list.

Andy keeps rubbing it into Dwight about his dates with Angela, and Dwight devolves into a Second Life (and a Second Second Life within Second Life) at The Office. Michael is pre-occupied with making an ad for the local branch and even though the main branch (scruffy Ryan and co.) reject it, it's pretty good actually, in a Michael Scott sort of way. I was actually a bit verklempt when Phyllis gave long-lost son Dwight a hug. Loved that Stanley agreed to play the black man in an orange jumpsuit. Oh Michael...

Meredith becomes finally likeable again, not since Season 2 Grey's Anatomy days! She's decided to do something about her mothers ashes and brings her to Seattle Grace in a ziplock bag. She's nice to Lexie. She's not all hangdog over Sheppard. Derek and Sloane play tricks on each other (no, not those tricks, you'll have to go to Showtime for that) and Derek becomes "available" again. Callie announces to everyone that Izzie slept with George (in a moment that was actually funnier than shocking) and Izzie recieves the cold shoulder from Christina (until Izzie cusses Christina out). George and Izzie are still together (bah) but it's playing out realistically (though it better be working its way out) so I'm okay with it for now.

Norman and Alex continue to work together (and it hits me, Alex is working with Richard Gilmore. I knew it before but it finally HIT me). Ava turns up at the hospital, they make nookie, Alex's heart melts, Ava disappears again. Normal has a stroke in the operating room, and is revived by all the surgeons surrounding him. Apparently, he only went into Surgery to be around surgeons for when he had a stroke, or so his dead wife subconciously told him. Normal decides to change specialties and I guess that's the end of a speical guest appearance by Edward Herrman. What, they couldn't stretch it out for 7 seasons?

The twins are throwing a party for their birthdays, but because Juliet will have none of Jeremy's girlfriend, they throw rival parties, miss each other and discover that they need each other. Aww...

But not before Juliet throws a few tantrums and a French Revolution party and Jeremy almost falls off the Brooklyn Bridge where his party is being hosted. And not before spending millions and millions of dollars. Ah, what Dirty Sexy Money can buy you! I love that Juliet is almost kinda retarded.

Nick meets up with C's Simon Elder, and discovers his father was trying to be wooed away to work for C to do good. Or so Simon claims. Meanwhile Tripp seems caring, Brian's orphan outs him as a liar to his wife, Patrick takes Freddy to the men's club, and we still don't know whick kid is not Tripp's (my guess, Brian).

Finally Scrubs is back and everyone is their own worst enemy as Elliot calls it quits with Keith and JD realises he's only with Kim because of the baby. Um, yeah, that's about it. It was a funny episode but we kinda knew this had to be coming. Elizabeth Banks has a movie career to return to and even though JD and Elliot DON'T belong together in the end (but now I fear is where they are heading), you knew they had to play this all out.

A new patient (Kevin Rahm, busy this week also being gay and bitchy on Desperate Housewives) has the charms to convince everyone (including Kelso and Cox) to help diagnose him. The Janitor actually has a real Lady.

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