Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pushing Daisies Online in Canada

I just noticed CTV in Canada has already put up Pushing Daisies to be viewed online on their Broadband network (along with other shows including Gossip Girl, Degrassi, Whistler and Big Shots). ABC still hasn't but I'd be surprised if they didn't. Oh wait. Yes it is, my bad. ABC has it online too! No excuse for EVERYONE (and by everyone I mean North Americans - Mexico)! (Oh, and ABC is repeating the pilot "Pie-lette" on Friday at 8pm)

So for all my "friends" that missed it on Tuesday AND Wednesday despite my constant nagging recommendations, now you have no excuse not to be able to watch it. Seriously, I need new friends.

Hi. How are you my dear readers?!!!


Rural Juror said...

I'm in Australia for the semester actually. So, yes, certainly worth it, but still...

And it took me FOREVER to figure out the meaning they have for 'pielette'

LinzMcC said...

Did you see Raul Esparza will be appearing as a guest star? (Do you think he will do a stirring rendition of Being Alive while he is at it???).

Kat said...

I dont know if it works in Canada, but I'm in the US and watch it here:


Ben said...

GAH! CTV has replaced it with "Fringe" it seems. No way to stream online and I missed Tuesday's episode!!! :( Of course, it being canceled, I'm mostly upset at that idea. >:(

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