Monday, October 15, 2007

Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

Apparently it's Blog Action Day. Apparently all blogs are supposed to take time to write something about saving the earth today. Um. Says who?

If you know me, you know that I'm very big on saving the environment and all that stuff, and if you really really know me, you know I'm a big ol' hypocrite because I drive my car to work everyday.

Still, save the world! Go world!

Apparently every blogger is supposed to donate today's earnings to some earth-saving charity. But since a penny doesn't really do much, I'm willing to give more. (And you could do more to drive more traffic to my site!)

Anyways, why did I only hear of this today? The promo department isn't doing the greatest job at this point. But whatever, I'll do it anyways because I'm a spoiled middle-class user that's totally guilt ridden and as much as I try to recycle, reduce and re-use, I know I could still lessen my carbon footprint. Anyways, I'm actually into it enough that I once considered starting a more enviro-leaning blog but then realised Treehugger and a few others do it much better.

Hey, anybody know a good charity that does those carbon-footprint buyouts? I've been looking but can't tell which may be frauds or not.

Plus I can't keep track on who is evil or not anymore. So Walmart's doing good? Or not? Starbucks? Shell? Anybody know of a good site that's keeping track of these things?

Anyways. When in doubt, World Wildlife Fund is probably a good and safe bet. Plus my friend works at the Canadian chapter so I know they are constantly working hard in trying to save pandas and other cute and non-cute creatures.

Anyways, a repeat of the Panda porn I had previously posted and that makes me laugh everytime. After the jump. Thanks again Eddy for the pics. Lovely. Seriously, making more pandas is a serious issue. The panda porn is quite important!

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