Monday, October 22, 2007

Triple Sensation - I Didn't Think It Meant Three Episodes?

The Finale

Jamie Hodgins didn't win. Poop. He didn't even make it to the final 6.

John Michael Scapin, Joel Ballard, Kazumi Evans and Jamie Hodgins (look how cute they are??? awwwwww):

So last nights finale of Triple Sensation (wha? didn't it just start? (links to last weeks post)) had the final 10 re-audition in front of the Marquee Panel again and maybe because we saw them excel last week in the Master Classes but no one really nailed all three audition portions (singing, the monologue and dancing) and blew me away, though that could have also been the difficulty of differentiating between the high level of competition between the top 10. (By the way, the website has really good clips of the episodes including all the master classes, which were fascinating because you really COULD see an improvement in the students from these master teachers).

Alas, there were 4 people cut automatically and sadly, my favorite Jamie Hodgins and my friends favorite Ben Durocher were cut of course. I knew Kyle Mac was the all around lead and was a contender but I was surprised John Michael Scapin made it through with his lack of dancing skills. The final six were John Michael, Kyle, Joel Ballard (who was the most likable one), Kazumi Evans (my fave of the girls), Anwyn Musico, and Keely Hutton (who I was surprised made it to the final 6).

Then, it was time to perform in the front of a live audience. And of course, my perceptions changed once again from last week's impressions. Keely was great, but Anwyn was even better and had been growing on me since I ignored her in her initial audition. Kazumi was good but didn't blow me away like she did last week. Ditto with Kyle's singing but I thought he danced pretty well. But Joel surprised me the most, playing to the audience in the palm of his hands, but John was great too (and deemed the most improved). His monologue was scary good. Even scarier that he was only 16 years old.

In the end, the judges reconvened and while I thought it was down between Joel or Anwyn (and not my last week's predictions of Kazumi and Kyle), John Michael took the prize as Canada's Triple Sensation and the $150,000 scholarship. I love that we win scholarships on reality tv here. How... un-TV like. How nerdy of us! Second place went to Anwyn and third went to Keely (which, as much as she improved for me, I was still surprised). Still, I'm pretty sure the others will all have amazing careers ahead of them. I would see them in a heartbeat.

Too bad CBC didn't try to milk this a bit more like every other network would have.

I guess the Master Classes didn't teach them to starve themselves yet? Oh wait. That's Hollywood and we're in Canada...

Apologies to Jamie for stealing your photos!


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the recap. I'm trying to track down the monologue that Anwyn did on the final episode - the one about never being hugged by her mother. Did you happen to catch what that was from? Thanks, KLM

vance said...

Oh, can't remember but she was GOOD!!!

Does the website have it up yet? They had a really good index of all the main clips from last week so I wonder if they are going to put it up this week?

Anonymous said...

Hey does anyone know the monologue that Joel Ballard did for the final episode?

Anonymous said...

Anwyn's monologue was from Miracle Mother by Deborah Kimmett and Joel's was from Seven Stories by Morris Panych.

Anonymous said...

what was the monologue that John Michael did? i cant find it anywhere. Thanks

Anonymous said...

John-Michael's monologue was 'Jason' - by Betty Jane Wylie

I'm so glad he won! He's such an amazing talent and a very down-to-earth person off-stage/screen too.

Vadym said...

Does anyone have the monologue from Miracle Mother?

weighing the beauty and the imperfection said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
weighing the beauty and the imperfection said...

wondering if anyone actually did "tape" the show lol....I'd love to watch it again and the cbc site is gone

weighing the beauty and the imperfection said...

oh and sorry I forgot to mention, vadym you're in luck, that monologue is on anwyn's official site (http://www.anwynmusico.com/www.anwynmusico.com/HOME.html)...there are bits and pieces around the web, I just wish the whole series was available somewhere

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