Friday, October 19, 2007

Ugly Betty - Be My Guest

Grin and Bear It

Okay. Has ABC become the most quotable network? Between Brothers & Sisters, the new and awesome Pushing Daisies ("Kick Pooh Kick" haha... I still can't get over it), and Ugly Betty, ABC is just filling the best quotes of the week list with their only real competition over at 30 Rock (I would say How I Met Your Mother but it's a bit off this season, though still audience deserving).

Where do I even start? Wilhelmina trusting Marc's instincts? Hilda ignoring an acting-out (and not in the gay way) Justin? Justin going all macho and making out with a beer drinking GIRL as Henry tries to tutor him? Alexis attempting to get back into the groove at Mode, while still trying to figure out how to be a woman? Daniel's thumbs-up smiling lies? Amanda's continued search for papa, who happens to have a tweety bird tattoo on his backside?

I haven't even gotten to the main star yet. Or even the fabulous bevy of guest stars! Unlike Will & Grace, so far Ugly Betty has been great at semi-famous/famous (character) actors into character roles, fitting them perfectly into the Mode world without needing to flash GUEST STAR all over them. (Granted, Victoria Beckham's guest spot is still to come but why does THAT even sound fabulous in Mode world?)

This week, Victor Garber (Alias) as Betty's writing class professor nails it to poor writing skills with strict sternness. John Cho (who so deserved to succeed with The Singles Table, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) was terrifically funny in a side throwaway role as Henry's working neighbour that I hope we will see more of. Illeana Douglas was back as the new creative director as Wil plots to take over the entire Meade empire, and finally, THE BEEK himself, James Van Der Beek shows up as a client who isn't so tolerant about Alexis (though he does have a Jew and a Black around him and an Oscar party isn't an Oscar party without the gays but trans-what-it-drag-person? No) and wouldn't you have it? The Beak is actually pretty good. I mean, I wanted him dead on Dawson's Creek but now I can see how he might have pulled off Footballer's Wives.

Marc smells the Prada. "Friends don't let friends wear glitter before noon". Anything Justin says. For that matter, anything Marc says. For THAT matter, anything Wilhelmina says. Who would have thought Vanessa Williams would be rocking her acting career (or have an acting career? I mean, love "Save The Best For Last" and I could see why she would have charisma to spare on Broadway but while I knew she would decently pull off this role on this show, I didn't think she would OWN IT?). Even Rebecca Romijn is hilarious as a man who is now a woman but can't remember how to be one, and I'm still shocked at how well she plays Alexis (and how funny she can be).

This is not to ignore Betty, Daniel, Christina, or Hilda either. Betty uses someone else's essay in her presentation at her writing class, but the guilt drives her into slight madness. Meanwhile, Henry finally reveals that he is in fact the father of Charlie's baby. Justin finally lashes out and becomes a mini-Santos, wearing his father's over sized leather jacket to heart.

Seriously though, I need to start taking notes, there are so many hilarious quotes that I can't keep track anymore.

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