Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Going To Rock Tonight at 9pm! 30 Times!

30 Rock starts season 3 tonight (at 9:30pm)! (Well, on TV at least since they've already thrown it on the net a week ago and which thanks to 6things, I finally figured out how to watch).

AND my friend's episode of The Office is tonight (at 9pm)!

It's going to be a good hour starting at 9pm on NBC (In Canada, The Office is on Global at 9pm, 30 Rock is on CityTV at 9:30pm)!!!

Megan Mullaly guest stars (and is back on NBC Thursday night!) and Will Arnett will return as nitwit network chief wannabe Ben Silverman Devon Banks on 30 Rock. (Well, at least Silverman was smart enough to leave the low rated 30 Rock alone, though probably because it has nothing else new to replace it now that all his new shows have tanked).

30 Rock - Do Over - Ep. 301 - Season Premiere

While the episode is a bit of Baby Mama redux, I guess for most people who haven't seen it (although I imagine everyone who did see it is a 30 Rock fan), it lets Tina Fey's Liz Lemon get all hormonally maternal all while introducing all the chracters again to us and Megan Mullaly's baby evaluator.
I actually forgot that Jack was out of a job and we get to see him climb and connive the corporate ladder (all in one episode! Why can't my career move up that fast?)

Seriously, the whole episode is a welcome return to the zanniness of Liz Lemon's world and it's only too bad they didn't get this show out sooner and milk the Tina Fey love train/free publicity over the last few months.

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