Monday, October 06, 2008

Amelia Will Fly Onto Screens Next Fall!

Considering I've been meaning to post a Fall Movie preview for over a month (and I'm not sure it's going to happen), this is a bit of a jump on an early preview, but they've finally announced a release date (and have an official website!) for Amelia!!! Unfortunately, it's OVER a YEAR from now, on October 23rd, 2009.

I know, it looks like another one of those star studded Hollywood Biopics that might be solid drama but slightly plain and dry (see Ray or Walk The Line, movies Hollywood used to churn out and think will win Oscars but no longer do) but I've got my reasons for being excited about this movie nonetheless!

The cast alone is enticing. Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart. Richard Gere as her publicist/husband George Putnam. Ewan MacGregor as Gene Vidal. And if the picture below doesn't start telling a spoiler story, I don't know what does! (and filmed at Toronto's Elgin Theatre!).

Add in Virginia Madsen (Sideways) as Dorothy Putnam and Christopher Eccleston (back together in the same movie with Ewan since Shallow Grave) as Fred Noonan, and up-and comer Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Tim Burton's soon to be made Alice in Wonderland, below with Gere) as Elinor Smith, with a cameo from Mariska Hargitay. In a film directed by Mira Nair (The Namesake, Vanity Fair, Monsoon Wedding) with a script from Ron Bass (Rain Man).

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