Thursday, October 16, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Recount Please?

Top 18 - Results Night - The Cut from 18 to 16 - Ep. 108

What the heck Canada? First you bungle up the Federal Elections, now this?

So I actually gasped out loud during one of the final results, and since I actually got to be at the live taping, I continued with boos along with the rest of the stunned audience.

By the way, live taping? So fun! Thanks again to my friend Sandie for getting on the list! (Now where's MY CALL?)

So the stage and set definitely is smaller than it seems, although even from the show, I think the Canadian stage is smaller than the US version though probably not by much. But yes, the set is all shiny and sweet looking in person and I just loved it all from just being there that I wanted to hug it. Yes. I wanted to hug the set in all its glowy glory.

Saw choreographer Paul Becker (Top 20 Group, Joey and Tamina's Contemp from last night) a few times outside and then he was sitting just in front of us and the boy is CUTE. Even cuter in person than on screen.

Actually, the audience MC guy Josh H. is adorable and cute too, despite his lack of actual dancing skills (which is even more adorable).

They really like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" because they played it about 5 times at LEAST before the show and during commercials.

And for those of you going in the future to Showline Studios in Toronto for the taping, yes, there is free audience parking available. Whew.

Now on with the results show! Which thankfully is only a half an hour compared to the bloated hour the US does. And with the half hour show, it just shows how bloated the US version is. I like that they just cut right to the chase and reveal the results fast and furiously.

So the Canadian version took a good page from the US version and did a group Bollywood number while the group was still big and pretty and joyous and at its best!

Top 18 Group Bollywood:
Song: Nagada, Nagada - Sonu Nigam & Saved Ali from Jab We Met OST
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan

I think the song wasn't as catchy as the one the US used but upon a second viewing, it was still a fun number no matter what.

But back to the bad news.
My Bottom 3 Predictions were:

Tamina and Joey
Caroline and Jesse
Kaitlyn and Izaak

The actual bottom 3 pairs were:

Romina and Dario (again)
Caroline and Jesse
Lisa and Vincent (WHAT?)

I know Romina had a bad night but she's one of my favorite female dancers in the Top 20. Lisa and Vincent were great last night and one of the stronger teams so I'm saddened that no one voted for them. Meanwhile, I enjoy Caroline and Jesse but I can see that they don't seem to be connecting with the audience for some reason so I sort of saw that one coming.

Lisa dances for her life:
Grade: B+

Dario dances for his life:
Grade: B

Romina dances for her life:
Grade: B+

Vincent dances for his life:
Grade: A

Caroline dances for her life:
Grade: B

Jesse dances for his life:
Grade: B+

Here are the videos of the solos:

I did notice that things do look differently live than on the TV screen (much as things sound differently live vs screen on Canadian Idol) and Jesse's dance looked far cooler and interesting live than it does on screen, while Dario's was a lot more boring on live on stage. Dario has a neat style but I felt it was more a bag of tricks than a cohesive "dance". Meanwhile, Caroline dances well but doesn't work the audience as well as Romina and Lisa do.

In the end, the judges keep it quick and tells Romina that she's not going on with the show.

WHAT??? I half expected it since the judges love Lisa and some reason Caroline (who I don't mind but has yet to earn my full love and devotion) but still. ROMINA? WHAT?

The audience erupts in boos and is visibly surprised but Romina takes it in stride.

Then the judges announce Dario's departure and the smaller group of Dario fans boo (mainly a group of really little girls just in front of me and another group of girls by the stage) but the boys results is less shocking, especially since, even though I like him and think he is unique, thought he should have left last week. So while I doubt Jesse will make the final 10, I'm still glad he gets to stay. Meanwhile, Vincent is really growing on me and fast.

So so long to Dario and Romina as one whole pairing is now gone.

See you next Wednesday for the Top 16!

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Keira Andrews said...

I couldn't believe Tamina and Joey were safe. Clearly I'm going to have to vote next week, because Canada is getting this one wrong!

Vance said...

Yah, I dont hate Joey and Tamina but they were clearly the worst of this week (at LEAST worse than Vincent and Lisa... WTF was THAT???). Im going to have to get my redialing skills ready for Wed.