Friday, October 31, 2008

Ugly Betty - Berry Delicious

Ugly Betty - Ugly Berry - Ep. 306

How deliciously fabulous was Betty and gang this week? For one, finally we have a uniting of Marc, Amanda and Betty in their joint quest to unsurp the evil Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) from her newfound editorial position!

Then the show is filling the re-occuring characters with delicious new boys with more from Gay for Jamie Jesse Val Emmich as Betty's neighbour, the introduction of Grant Bowler (above, Lost) as Connor, some new money type who is a fake enemy of Daniel's and looks like he's planning to get real friendly with Wily (though look at her face, she's currently not impressed as I am).

Then finally Ralph Macchio as the city councillor who is a thorn in Hilda's side (and possibly other pokey pokey ways in the future too, though I hope Justin didn't hear that). Ralph MACCHIO?!!! The Karate Kid? He's turned out better looking than I thought he would.

As always, Justin is given about 3 lines and yet nails EACH ONE.

The battle continues between Wilhelimina and Daniel but in a nice subtle way.

Again, Marc and Amanda are together WITH Betty for once!

And an appearance from Marc's boyfriend Cliff! Who knew they were still dating? That's awesome! Now an appearance longer than seeing Cliff eating pizza on Betty's couch would be nice.

And Hilda already has a new hottie in her midst even though she doesn't see it yet.

Now, some more Justin and an actual storyline for Christina might be nice but for once I'm not really going to complain.


Unknown said...

I really love your blog, and totally agree with the Justin comment


i don't watch this show all the time but i saw this episode and I'm kind of alarmed at how bad LINDSAY was. It's like she didn't get the tone of the show at all (that literally every other actor was doing just fine)


Vance said...

I didn't think Lindsay was that bad but I think I expected worse so it was fine by comparison in my mind.

But yes, the rest of the cast is so awesome and smooth that they work like clockwork. I wonder if Lindsay sticking out was the reason she got cut from more episodes?

Leona Raisin said...

Yet another fun anagram. This time for Ugly Betty: [yet by glut].