Wednesday, October 15, 2008

While You Were Sleeping... And Up At Work

Considering I've been in 5 time zones in the past 2 weeks, I'm a little screwed up right now that I'm back home and sleeping at the oddest times (and only in short bouts... ugh...), so I've been catching up with Entourage and Weeds in the middle of the night (not as great as their pinnacle Season 2 highs but not as bad as people are reporting though I will say, more Carla Gugino, less Albert Brooks please) and I just turned on daytime TV to see Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) on Regis and Kelly only with Anderson Cooper hosting with Kelly Ripa.

Michael Urie, Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa. It's like a gay man's dream come true.

And apparently Oprah is doing her show on Rude People today! OMG I'm going to have to tape that!

And possibly show it to the people I encounter at work. Or in the movie theatre. Or any theatre. Or on the highway. Or at the mall. Or...

Seriously, I may have to post a blogpost I've had saved about the rude things people do that drive me crazy. Maybe.

Also, I watched all the episodes of Gary, Unmarried. I don't know why. I would say I was drunk but I wasn't. Just jetlagged. Which is somewhat similar though.

I've also had an unhealthy craving for instant noodles and Zoodles. And I've been indulging in them. My doctor will probably not be happy with my blood pressure.

Okay, Ellen is on now! Maybe she will help me forget about last night's election results. (WHAT THE HELL CANADA?)

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RipaRocks said...

You can find the Mr sassy Pants aka Anderson Cooper with Michael Urie & Kelly Ripa on the YouTube link below. It was GREAT morning television!