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So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 20, Eh!

Top 20 - Performance Night - Ep. 105
Top 20 - Results Night - The Cut from 20 to 18 - Ep. 106
Judges: Luther Brown, Blake McGrath, Tre Armstrong, Jean-Marc Genereux

It's the first So You Think You Can Dance Canada's Top 20! The set may be the same, but the dancing is more Canadian! (I don't actually know what that means) The rehearsals take place in the beautiful new building for the National Ballet School in Toronto but let's just get started with the 10 new pairs!

Arassay Reyes and Nico Archambault
Style: Salsa
Choreographer: Gustavo Vargas
Song: "La Salsa la Traigo Yo " - Sonora Carruseles

Grade: B+

Two sexy dancers that I liked from the auditions doing a pretty good job on Salsa. Nico was a bit too hip hop in his moves and wasn't quite smooth enough for the style, but Arassay made up for all that and Nico just looked manly enough to balance her sexiness off.

Here's the video of Nico and Arassay dancing the Salsa:

Natalli Reznik and Kevin Mylrea
Style: Hop Hop
Choreographer: Tanisha Scott
Song: "The Way I Are" - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson

Grade: C+

Considering it was a bit hip hop light, cute white boy Kevin sort of missed it, but Natalli put all her hips into the piece but overall, they weren't able to sell the choreography that well, which is too bad because Kevin is one of my faves.

Here's the video of Kevin and Natalli dancing Hip Hop:

Breanne Wong and Francis Lafrenière
Style: Smooth Waltz
Choreographer: Amy Wright
Song: "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" - Aretha Franklin

Grade: B

The dance actually felt smoother than the song itself making it for an ill-fit. It still could have floated even more and I felt like their chemistry was a bit forced, but individually I thought Francis and Bre did a fine job.

Here's the video of Bre and Francis dancing the Smooth Waltz:

Allie Bertram and Danny Arbour
Style: Jive
Choreographer: Melissa Williams
Song: "Rock This Town" - Stray Cats

Grade: A-

A super cute couple who, while missed 2 small connection points together, still rocked the town with this fun fun fun dance. If only Cry Baby (on Broadway) looked like this, it might have actually done well. Both dancers really shined in personality and the hop hop hop dancing and while I'm sure some first night jitters caused some minor problems together, I'm sure given another week, they will feel more confident together.

Here's the video of Danny and Allie dancing the Jive:

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald and Izaak Smith
Style: Theatre
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: "All That Jazz" - Bebe Neuwirth & Company - Chicago - The Musical (1996 Broadway Revival Cast)

Grade: B

Nicely done but if I'm going to get picky at first glance, Kaitlyn seemed to overshine Izaak, but on closer inspection, I thought Kaitlyn seemed to work a bit too hard to look good while Izaak seemed cool and strong. Either both should have just gone for it, or played it smoothly.

Here's the video of Kaitlyn and Izaak dancing the Theatre:

Lisa Auguste and Vincent Noiseux
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: "Slow Me Down" - Emmy Rossum

Grade: B+

All right, I think even more than ranking the dancers is the big question, will anyone else really create contemporary dances are gorgeous as Mia Michaels? Tookey's dance is no Mia Michael's but it's not bad and it is incredibly buoyed by Lisa's performance. She said she's cocky and she has every right to be. I felt like Vincent had to work really hard to keep up and he mostly did.

Here's the video of Lisa and Vincent dancing Contemporary:

Lara Smythe and Miles Faber
Style: Disco
Choreographer: Melissa Williams
Song: "Shake It" - Metro Station

Grade: A-

In one sense, I thought the choreography was pretty basic, on the other hand, it was still far better than Doriana's stuff. Either way, Lara and Miles really SOLD IT. Miles was fantastic and full of energy and Lara was pretty great and their chemistry together (even before the kiss) is solid together.

Here's the video of Miles and Lara dancing Disco:

Rominia D'Ugo and Dario Milard
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Tanisha Scott
Song: "Dangerous" - Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon

Grade: B+

Just to defy stereotypes, but was it me or did Romina look like she did a better job than Dario? Dario seemed a bit too loose while Romina was totally hitting the beat and just looked fabulously dangerous!

Here's the video of Dario and Romina dancing Hip Hop:

Tamina Pollack-Paris and Joey Matt
Style: Tango
Choreographer: Gustavo Vargas
Song: "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" - Gotan Project

Grade: B-

These two dancers are such cuties individually but it's already an odd pairing forced to do a difficult Tango in their first week. That being said, it wasn't the disaster I thought it would be but it didn't quite work either. Joey wasn't manly enough for it (considering he's boyishly cute) but Tamina was better than I hoped but they still need to work on their connection together. The judges seemed to think the same.

Here's the video of Tamina and Joey dancing the Tango:

Caroline Torti and Jesse Catibog
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Clarence Ford
Song: "Soul Man" - Sam & Dave

Grade: B

I really like Jesse but he seemed like he was still getting used to the idea of dancing with a partner and seemed slightly overly cautious. I keep forgetting Caroline is in the Top 20 and she's really good but she seemed hidden under that big costume that I'd like to see more to be more convinced. This could be an interesting partnership but they need to trust each other more. So far they are entertaining, but now it's time to move it to the next level.

Here's the video of Caroline and Jesse dancing Jazz:

Here are the choreographers from the night:
From left to right: Amy Wright, Clarence Ford, Tanisha Scott, Gustavo Vargas, Stacey Tookey, Sean Cheesman and Melissa Williams

SO Overall? What did I think?

Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Allie and Danny
Favorite Individual Boy of the Night: Miles
Favorite Individual Girl of the Night: Romina

Others that I really liked tonight: Lisa, Vincent, Nico, Arassay, Lara

Worst Dance of the Night: Kevin and Natalli

And the Results?
Top 20 - Results Night - The Cut from 20 to 18

Top 20 Group Dance
"Maculelê" - Mestre Barrão - Style: Axé Capoeira
Choreographer: Paul Becker
Here's the video of Paul Becker's Capoeira Choreography:

So the bottom 3 couples are:
Bre and Francis
Kevin and Natalli
Dario and Romina

I can't say I'm totally shocked though I thought Romina was the best girl so it might have saved them and thrown Joey and Tamina in the bottom 3, but I figure Joey and Tamina are cute enough to pull in enough votes from the teenage girls.

Breanne dances for her life:
Grade: B+
Natalli dances for her life:
Grade: B
Romina dances for her life:
Grade: A-
Video of the girls dancing for their life:

Francis dances for his life:
Grade: B+. He's kind of like a french version of Dmitry Chaplin.
Kevin dances for his life:
Grade: A-. He puts a nice twist on contemporary which is really neat.
Dario dances for his life:
Grade: B-. Did he have trouble breathing? Was that a puffer he brought out? Or a weird prop? I like him but it was an odd performance.
Video of the boys dancing for their life:

In the end, I knew the judges (above from left to right, Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Blake McGrath and Luther Brown) would pick Kevin to leave since they never seemed fully convinced by him, but I was. Sadly, Kevin didn't expect it either and truly looked shocked.

I'm also surprised they kicked out Bre since I thought she has far more potential than Natalli who just happened to have a good week this week:

So Breanne Wong and Kevin Mylrea are out of the competition.

See you next Wed for the Top 18 dancers!

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Linz McC said...

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OMG Vance you totally got me into the Canadian So You Think You Can Dance. I watched on the videos and loved it. I'm going to have to pop back here every week now. :-)

Vance said...

Linz? lol!

and Sandie! YEY! I knew you would love it! I know you and me and our love for all things SYTYCD! so glad to share our Canadian shakers!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I loved Dario's solo. I thought it was different, well-thought out and showed off his strength and unique POV. I thought Kevin was fantastic too, but I would take Dario's style over his any day.