Sunday, October 26, 2008

The TV Blog Coalition - Economic Blinders

With the world economy going down the poopers, what better time to cower in ones cozy living room (assuming it hasn't been repossessed yet) and watch some TV (assuming it hasn't been repossessed yet) as we try to wait through this economic storm (because it has to eventually come back up right? If we wait long enough?). Especially since we can forget our troubles with TV since Hollywood shows NEVER deal with actual economic realities (with the exceptions of the excellent Once and Again and Friday Night Lights, shows that only the fervent TV watchers watched anyways). So enjoy Gossip Girl and have some popcorn while you're at it, because it might be the only thing we can afford to eat soon.

On the good news side, we have a new TV Coalition blogger. Welcome TV Spy from all the way in London, England (where ironically I am this weekend)! (And seriously, for those of you people complaining about high prices already in North America. Shut up. The tube is 4£. The bus is 2£. (Seriously people, get an Oyster Card if you're coming here. It's worth it if you travel just ONCE). Everything else here in freaking insanely expensive (though the crazy fluctuations in the exchange doesn't help anybody (except the US somehow... WTF? America's housing market triggers this mess and THE USD goes up?))

Okay, enough ranting from me (sorry, been watching too much CNN and reading too much Globe and Mail this week). I'm going to watch some TV to calm down. Here's what the other TV bloggers were ranting about this week:

How better to gear up for the US presidential election than with a West Wing quiz? (BuzzSugar)

This week, Sandie shared an interview with Daniel Gerroll from The Starter Wife (Daemon's TV)

The return of Roy (ok really David Denman) on The Office made GMMR very happy. As did Kristin Chenoweth's gut busting prank on Ellen (Give Me My Remote)

Disappointed by the lack of a good directory of online web series, Rae wants to know what you're web series you're watching. (RTVW)

Ladies and gentlemen, the easiest review ever in the history of the world: Black Ice by AC/DC. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)

Vance is totally sweet on the Top 16 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Plus appearances by Benji Schwimmer and High School Musical director Kenny Ortega! (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace once again fell under the spell of Pushing Daisies and its goose down goodness, but wishes that more people were actually tuning in to watch this winsome series before it gets prematurely culled by ABC. (Televisionary)

Not watching Friday Night Lights so far this season? Well, Sara has a bit of a recap for all you stragglers. (TiFaux)

Coming to you all the way from foggy ol’ London town, Ben and Gareth dip their bread soldiers into the hard-boiled Curate’s egg that is Heroes, only, again, to find they are left with more questions than answers. (TV Spy)

The TV Addict took a closer look at Simon Baker and THE MENTALIST (The TV Addict)

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