Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's So Funny On Mondays? - Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, Chuck

I don't have time to write much since I have to get up in the morning for work (remember when I said I would have a lot more time off? I lied to myself apparently and took on a new temporary gig) but I couldn't wait to make these few comments.

Funniest moment of Monday night?

No, nothing on the CBS comedy block (which was in repeats, no?) or even Chuck. No, it was when I switched the channel over to Dancing with the Stars by mistake and saw Cloris Leachman and the entire remaining group of "stars" and dancers doing a Hip Hop group routine.

Genius I tell you.

Though for a second I thought Cory Linley and Brooke Burke were REALLY good but then realized it was Derek Hough and Lacey Schwimmer. I know more people watch this show but at this point, I think her brother got the better gig in Toronto (and who is back again for a second week on SYTYCD Canada!!!)

Almost as funny?
Gossip Girl - Pret-a-Poor-J - Ep. 208

First of all, Blair's Eastern European housekeeper deserves her own special Emmy award for best minor re-occurring actress. Her "God is always watching" (or something like that) comment and her monotone delivery is simply hilarious! And fabulous.

So was seeing Nate Archibald come out naked of the shower. Too bad the series is still on network TV and not Showtime, but love that oh-so-not-subtle way Jenny bumps into him at the Humphrey's apartment and the shows obvious set up to this (spoiler for upcoming episode since I couldn't find a photo of Jenny and Dan kissing at the end of this episode).

Kaitlin Willa Holland (The OC) is Agnes, a new "friend" of Jenny's who pulls Jenny (above, in her new look) to the clubs to help her with "good" publicity and ends up taking the dress Jenny's wearing (and Eleanor wanted reproduced by the next day. Of course). I'm not even going to explain how Agnes ends up wearing Jenny's dress but it's even more ridiculous and less interesting than it sounds.

Oh Willa, why you always the bad girl?

More interesting? Dan giving BLAIR WALDORF advice. What the? What show am I watching again? Blair tries to seduce Chuck and fails once, and Dan ends up giving her advice. And then hell froze over. Apparently.

Okay, so Dan actually sabotages Blair and Chuck as revenge for B and C's screwing over Vanessa but of course good boy Dan has to fix things (after Serena's insistence). Or something like that. I'm getting confused over who screwed over who and who is trying to screw who. It changes by the week on this show.

Then Serena meets a new boy at Rufus' gallery (for Vanessa's opening). Aaron Rose. Who looks better than this picture. Sometimes. When he wears the glasses. And yes, Serena is interested. AND tells/asks Dan. Like I said, things change by the week...

Strangely the least funny show on Monday night? The usually hilarious Chuck - Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer - Ep. 205

Sure, Tony Hale (Arrested Development) shows up at Emmett Milbarge, here to evaluate everyone and trim the fat out of Buy More and sure, anything Tony Hale says is funny, but the rest of the episode was a little disappointing, probably since they devote WAY too much time on the Buy More folks and some video game competition.

The Buy More folks were funny when they were side guest characters, but now that they are full credit cast members, the show seems to devote too much equal time on them when they really should be concentrating on Chuck, Sarah and Casey. More on the spy stuff, less on Buy More. And the more on Buy More, the less funny it all is. I used to just blame Morgan but now even Jeff and Lester are in full annoying mode.

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