Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts While I'm On My Weird Sleeping Pattern - Theatre, Thursday Night Shows And More

I totally agree with Cecily von Ziegesar. I've never read her Gossip Girl books but my sister has told me about them and Vanessa sounded MUCH cooler in the books. But love the rest of the show.

Just watched this weeks SVU, the one where Stabler's daughter becomes trouble... oh wait. That's every second episode. I mean the one where she was found naked in the shower after breaking into a yuppie couples house. Ellen Burstyn was in the episode playing Stabler's crazy mother. Does Ellen Burstyn ever play NON-Crazy roles anymore? I mean, she's good at it. But she doesn't really do nice old granny roles does she?

I will totally jump on The Band Wagon named Cheyenne Jackson (you could take out the words "the band wagon named" and the sentence still works). Ride'm cowboy! Broadway's Cheyenne Jackson in a show with Tony Yazbeck (Gypsy, White Christmas, A Chorus Line)? HOT! Plus Mari Davi (A Chorus Line, The Drowsy Chaperone) and Beth Leavel (The Drowsy Chaperone). (Wait, it's like Broadway Six Degrees).

Guys And Dolls is coming back to Broadway with Oliver Platt. Yawn. What's the point if it's not with Ewan McGregor, Jenna Russell and Jane Krakowski? Oh wait, cause rumour has it Cheyenne Jackson will play Sky Masterson? Oh wait. What about the above news then? Back to Yawn then. Though Des McAnuff is directing and Sergio Trujillo will be choreographing. Maybe. Though won't they be busy at Stratford with A Funny Thing and West Side Story?

Oh good. The Sound of Music got good reviews. Whew, my $20 seats will be well worth it then.

Once? On Broadway?

I think I only laughed at anything Amy Poehler said on Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update on Thursdays Even Though None of This is Making Sense Now and They Should Just Call It For What It Is, NBC is Running Out of New Stinkers to Put on and Using the SNL'ers and Sticking the Primetime Carrot in Front of Their Face to Get Them More Face Time so That They can Maybe get Famous, Start Making Movies and Get Out of the Dying Show, Live.

Grey's Anatomy - Brave New World - Ep. 504

Sandra Oh's Christina is the best thing about Grey's Anatomy now (which I will admit, is good again). The show is good again, but I still want to smack Meredith.

Still love George but Lexie's longing crush is already getting tiring. What's with those sisters?

More on Music, Survivor: Gabon, The Office, Ugly Betty and more, after the jump:

I'm not a huge Beyonce fan but after hearing the new song about 8 times today on various radio stations, I think I love "If I Were A Boy"

Jon McLaughlin's new album OK NOW and Keane's new album Perfect Symmetry got better reviews than I thought they would. I really want to buy them.

The Office - Baby Shower - Ep. 503
Great episode in a great comeback season. Except Dwight. What the hell was that? Taking Jan's $1200 baby carriage and "testing" it was totally ridiculous and unbelievable (in a non funny way).
Daryl's little verbal smacking at Michael WAS believable and ridiculously funny.
And I love the new nice-but-power-tripping-Phyllis. More power to ya girl!

Survivor: Gabon - This Camp Is Cursed - Ep. 1704
Seriously. The Red Team is the dumbest one EVER. Sugar must be cursing the day she joined the idiots. Dan's still an idiot (but a pretty one at that) but he's GOT to be thanking his lucky stars for the team switch last week. I've got nothing to say about GC. What a loser.

Ugly Betty - Betty Suarez Land - Ep. 304
Say what you will about the excised love triangle but the adorable Freddy Rodriguez' return as Gio was incredibly welcomed.
Now please add more scenes with Betty, Marc and Amanda together.

While they aren't as good as they first were, I'm still enjoying My Name Is Earl and Everybody Hates Chris, granted, I'm usually blogging at the same time when I'm watching these two shows.


Beatrice B said...

Oh yes Rodriguez is so adorable. More scenes with Gio would be wonderful.
I do like Marc and Amanda. I missed them so much in this episode. If they had more screen time this would have been like the MOST perfect episode in Ugly Betty.
I really liked it.

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