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So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Double (Oh!) Seven

Top 14 - Performance Night - Ep. 111

Judges: Jean Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Rex Harrington, Mary Murphy

Choreographers: Dmitry Chaplin, Blake McGrath, Luther Brown, Benji Schwimmer, Sean Cheesman
It's the Top 14 week which means the dancers have now been paired with their partners for 3 weeks now (except Natalli and Francis who have with each other for two) so they should be totally comfortable with each other. But from my spoilers on Monday, I knew that some of our favorites will mess up this week and that some will shine even more than ever before (UPDATE: Videos are up!):

Lisa Auguste and Vincent Noiseux
Style: Samba
Choreographer: Dmitry Chaplin
Song: "Skip to the Bip" - Club Des Belugas feat. Brenda Boykin

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: B+

Original Comments: They start out with bundles of energy and pizzazz but then they made a couple of obvious mistakes near the end (including a missed move) but the judges don't care because it's Lisa and Vincent and they are becoming so good on stage that a fumble is excusable when everything else is done so well (which Mary basically states).

New TV Grade: B+

New TV Comments: They really were great until a missed spin at the end which threw them off for the next spin and it must have broke their concentration for another missed move, yet as Mary said, they were so fabulous in so many ways that it still was great to watch (I'll just cover my eyes at the end).

Here's the Video of Lisa and Vincent's Samba:

Lara Smythe and Miles Faber
Style: West Coast Swing
Choreographer: Benji Schwimmer
Song: "Living' for the Weekend" - The O' Jays

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: B

Original Comments: Technically it wasn't perfect and there were a few obvious fumbles but there is something so infectious about Miles and Lara that you can't help but love these two. At the end of the show when all the dancers are dancing to the closing credits, Miles and Lara are amongst those that really shined out from the crowd and they have this certain glow and showmanship that can't be taught. Paired up with a showy Benji routine (that included his now trademark double cartwheel thingy, now with an added lift at the end), it's a match made in heaven, even when some of the in between partnering required by this type of dance is lacking. The judges pretty much say the same thing and love it despite the imperfections. Jean-Marc mentions that they are really SMOOTH and glide across the stage which I wholeheartedly agree. Since I couldn't see the dancers feet from my point of view, I thought Miles was gliding on wheelies at a few points and realized he really floated across the stage. Now he just needs to work on his hands and ballroom partnering skills but the boy has got charms to spare.

Oh, and the two start off in diner cook uniforms but then Miles unleashes a bedazzled bra'd Lara that's half disturbing in its quick revelation (and allusion to Janet/Justin) and half hilariously exciting.

New TV Grade: B+

New TV Comments: I was actually even more impressed with it on TV, especially now that I can see their feet. While Miles seemed to stumble a bit near the end with his footwork (it seemed like his feet got behind and were trying to catch up) but it didn't matter cause these two sparkle even more than Lara's bra!

Here's the Video of Lara and Miles' West Coast Swing:

Arassay Reyes and Nico Archambault
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)" - Busta Rhymes

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: A-

Original Comments: For all of those naysayers that are sick of Nico and Arassay relying too much on Contemporary or similar type dances, we FINALLY get to see them do something a little different and they continue to rock it. It wasn't TOO hard hitting but Jean-Marc liked that because they were still very precise in their hits and about the only thing that wouldn't make it obvious was their slightly baggy army fatigues. The dance is about two army soldiers and Nico is strong as always but the big surprise is that Arassay really nailed it in my view. It could have been a bit dirtier but considering they were in army costumes, I could see how they made it more clean but crisp.

New TV Grade: B+

New TV Comments: The routine itself wasn't as impressive on TV but I think Nico and Arassay still did a tremendous job with it but while they were pretty together, the little things that were off seem more obvious on camera. And the uniforms give the piece a nice look but the bagginess hides any hard hits they might have done.

Here's the Video of Nico and Arassay's Hip Hop:

Allie Bertram and Danny Arbour
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Paul Becker
Song: "Someday" - John Legend

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: A

Original Comments: First Nico and Arassay prove they can do something different, and now so do Danny and Allie, who ace Paul Becker's emotional contemporary piece about his mother and her reunion with her long-lost son she gave up for adoption (who were both in the audience). As Mary states, it's almost too personal to really critique the piece but Danny and Allie do an AMAZING job with it. Danny really lets loose yet still stays strong as a dancer with clean lines, while Allie is simply marvelous and fluid which makes fellow ballet dancer Rex Harrington proud. Not to say Danny wasn't good because he was absolutely terrific, but Allie really stood out and her technical ballet training really showed. She's really impressing me every week.

New TV Grade: A

New TV Comments: I think Allie may just be my favorite girl in the competition now. She's so good both technically and emotionally, she's simply mesmerizing. Danny is pretty awesome himself too. Totally wonderful!

Here's the Video of Allie and Danny's Contemporary:

Natalli Reznik and Francis Lafrenière
Style: Theatre
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: "Cell Block Tango" - Countdown Singers (Chicago Musical (A new version/remix I haven't heard before))

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: B+

Original Comments: A cool spin on the song that I usually associate so much with Fosse's original moves but I felt it was a slightly bit of a cheat because it seemed slightly tailored to Francis' ballroom techniques still. On the other hand, they danced it with passion so who really cares if Francis seemed to move a bit like his usual ballroom ways? Natalli was like an animal as a woman scorned and the judges applaud her for being totally uninhibited and wild (wild for totally grabbing Francis' newly trimmed haircut (which somehow makes him look even better than before, if that's even possible) and throwing Francis to the ground. Several times! (Well, I guess the song dictates that)) while Francis still gets full marks for being the tall dark handsome and strong male that he's always displayed.

New TV Grade: B+

New TV Comments: I knew Francis got to sneak in some ballroom Paso Doble styled but it was still big and theatrical and he had to go big to battle Natalli so I'll forgive him just cause he's so cute with that haircut.

Here's the Video of Natalli and Francis' Theatre:

Caroline Torti and Jesse Catibog
Style: Hustle
Choreographer: Benji Schwimmer
Song: "Womanizer" - Britney Spears

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: C

Original Comments: The two are a bit weak on the partnering for this hustle (like disco-ish) and they looked a little like school kids trying to keep up but the judges are WAY harsh on them, starting with Mary who absolutely did NOT like it (and pretty much the only team she doesn't give glowing reviews to) and the rest of the judges follow suit. I didn't think it was THAT bad but I didn't think it was good enough either and with an already strong Top 14, mistakes matter, but what's even worse than Lisa and Vincent's missteps or Lara and Miles' weak hands and inbetween partnering moments is the lack of that extra oomph needed that put Caroline and Jesse behind the rest. Jesse who I really like, looked like he was trying too hard. The judges still generally liked Caroline but even she got some blame (I think from Jean-Marc) and they simply fell out of character with Caroline overpowering Jesse when it should have been the other way around. Benji kept defending the two and kept rising from his seat to applaud the two and join in on the boos from portions of the crowd. Still, it wasn't as bad as the judges stated but it was the weakest dance of the night.

New TV Grade: C

New TV Comments: I know what the problem is. Jesse seems too soft and gentlemanly and seems more concerned for her sake than his own. He basically looks whipped, especially next to Caroline who looked like a dragonlady here.

Here's the Video of Caroline and Jesse's Hustle:

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald and Izaak Smith
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Blake McGrath
Song: "Breakin' Dishes" - Rihanna

Original Grade from Seeing it Live: A-

Original Comments: Finally they do good. And the judges note it too with Tre saying "FINALLY". The dance is about a husband coming back to a scorned housewife (there seems to be a lot of scorned women tonight) and the dance is exciting and passionate, especially coming from Izaak who is usually like a block of wood. He's in 60's glasses and a suit and the costume helps, while Kaitlyn FINALLY has a partner to really DANCE to (she's in a sexy housewife outfit).

New TV Grade: A-

New TV Comments: Okay, there was a lot of shaking, more than I remembered, but when they actually danced, it was electric! Kaitlyn totally shined and Izaak actually stood his ground for once.

Here's the Video of Kaitlyn and Izaak's Jazz:

My original roundup:
Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Danny and Allie
2nd Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Nico and Arassay

Worst Dance of the Night: Caroline and Jesse
Bottom 3 Predictions:
Caroline and Jesse
and um? Lisa and Vincent based on their misstep and the fact they seemed to have the least signs for them. Which is CRAZY because they are so good.
Lara and Miles? or Natalli and Vincent? just by default?

Kaitlyn and Izaak might still be in danger since Izaak had the noticeably quietest applause in the opener but he might have just saved himself with the help of Blake who he fully credits for his resurgence.

I'm guessing Jesse is going to go home but I have no idea which girl will go since I still think Caroline is the weakest at this point but the judges seem to LOVE her. On the other hand, they love Kaitlyn as well and the other girls CANNOT go. They cannot make another Romina mistake.

My revised roundup:
Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Danny and Allie
2nd Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Kaitlyn and Izaak
Favorite Individual Boy of the Night: Miles
Favorite Individual Girl of the Night: Allie

Worst Dance of the Night: Caroline and Jesse

Bottom 3 Predictions:
Caroline and Jesse
Natalli and Francis
Vincent and Lisa

So here are the dancers in current order from my favorite to least (although, I could basically switch the orders for anyone in the Top 8 and still be okay with the list):

1. Miles
2. Allie
3. Nico
4. Arassay
5. Vincent
6. Lara
7. Danny
8. Lisa
9. Francis
10. Kaitlyn
11. Natalli
12. Izaak
13. Caroline
14. Jesse

Going home this week? Jesse and... I hope Caroline only because I don't want to lose any of the other girls at this point yet.

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