Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Oh Bau Man vs. Obama

Pushing Daisies - Dim Sum, Lose Some - Ep. 205

So Obama has bought time on rival networks just before he gets elected for president next Tuesday but ABC has decided to show Pushing Daisies tonight at 8pm instead, and no offense to the next leader of the free world (and yes, I'm talking positively here because there CAN BE NO OTHER OPTION PEOPLE. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN) but Ned, Chuck and Emerson are simply unmissable in this week's quest to find the killer of the Chinese chef that makes the succulent chinese pork buns (bau's in chinese) who works below Emerson's office!

On top of that, Simone, the obedience dog trainer returns to take charge of Emerson AND twin magicians who look awfully like Ned! Crazy! Plus Olive and Chuck in cheung sam and Emerson pimping while Ned's a cowboy. Yes, somehow it all makes sense. And seriously, Cowboy Ned and a Pimpy Emerson, how can you NOT tune in?:

A mystery man Dwight shows up at the pie shop and gives Ned the shiver-when-I-pee-creeps. Olive is smitten with the cute man (Stephen Root) who turns out to be an old friends of Ned's father, which creeps him out even more.

Emerson gets a fortune cookie with a message for hire, and finds out that the Chef Bau Man died for some gambling debt. Simone shows up to help out since she's on the "in" in the chinese gambling underworld that happens below Emerson's office and there's an unhappy daughter, gambling with dim sum and being killed by the pipe from the bau steamers. Isn't dim sum great!?

AND when Olive and Chuck aren't waitressing at the chinese restaurant, they sneak off to investigate Ned's past and meets twins Ralston and Maurice (Graham and Alex Miller), twin guys with a penchant for magic tricks under bushy eyebrows. Just like Ned!

They really do turn out to be brothers. Well, half-brothers that Ned knows of but has never met and let's just say that the twins are scheduled to be in a future episode so we can all doubly smile.

The Chinese restaurant themed episode is full of inventiveness and surprises that will leave you full but still hungry for more, just don't overstuff yourselves with chinese pork buns. Leave room for some pie.

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