Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Day At The Office

In my whirlwind week of traveling last week, I got to stop by The Office while I was in LA (or was that Scranton?) to visit my friend who will finally have his first episode that he wrote air on Oct. 30th (the Halloween episode)!!! So watch! And love! Even if it sucks (which it won't), just pretend you love it! Anyways, this season has started off amazingly so I'm excited!

Here are some photos I took while on set (too bad they weren't shooting but I still managed to briefly meet Paul Lieberstein (Toby) and Mindy Kaling (Kelly) as well as those crazy writers!).

Here's me waiting for Jim to get to know me very well over the next few years. And eventually declare his love for me:

I'm stealing the World's Best Boss position!

The rest are just photos I took along my little tour of The Office. No more of my headless body. Sorry (unless you're on my facebook, where I'll eventually post everything soon!)

Oh, and Vance Refridgeration? No relations.


Linz McC said...

You are mysteriously cut out of all these pics! Tee hee...

mB said...

But in the good way of course :)

Unknown said...

That is SO awesome! The headless photos are a little odd and creepy, especially since I can totally picture your big grin.