Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tapeworthy Gets Political - Les Misbarack and sMACkdown on Prop 8

It's election day here in Canada (and I'm still actually slightly undecided since we have essentially 3 democratic parties to choose from/split the votes, especially in my riding since the local candidates I don't like run for the parties I do) but really, we are all just watching what happens south of the border on Nov. 4th 2008.

I'm sure many of you have already seen this but it's pretty hilarious that I thought I'd post it in case you didn't.

Les Misbarak:

Who is that cute guy playing Marius? This little Les Mis parody with hints of The Office is brought to you by Ultimate Imrpov. (Thank to ManinChair for the headsup)

Meanwhile, a new set of videos are popping up by HOMOtracker (a group of gay and lesbian Hollywood industry professionals) to help stop California's Prop 8 and uses those Mac vs. PC commercials as inspiration.

Who's the cute guy playing NO? Vote NO on Prop 8!

(They have another video below. UPDATE: A few more have been added including ones with Margaret Cho and Molly Ringwald). (Thanks to towleroad for the headsup)

Finally, Jeffrey Self and Cole, who I've been watching on youtube all summer, has this special message with "Bernadette Peters" on Prop 8.

Here's another video from HOMOtracker

UPDATE: Here's a few more:
With Molly Ringwald:

With Margaret Cho:

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