Friday, October 31, 2008

Crushworthy - Nick Adams, the Guy's A Doll

If you're not a Gilmore Girls fan, now here's another reason to see the upcoming revival of Guys and Dolls.

Nick Adams (he of the bigger biceps than jealous Mario Lopez in this past summers A Chorus Line bicep battle) has spilled on his blog that he's been cast in the upcoming revival (directed by Des McAnuff and feature choreography by Sergio Trujillo) as Liver Lips Louis. Rehearsals apparently begin December 15th for a March 1st opening at the Nederlander theatre.

Nick Adams was voted most beautiful man for June 2008 by a wonderfully gratuitous website. How come I've never known about this site before? (oh yeah, cause there are like a billion of them out there already).

And here are some more gratuitous photos. Just because.

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Joe Reid said...


(That word has entered my lexicon in a big way, thank you muchly, Chace Crawford. it's like the one thing Perez Hilton ever did right, ever.

And seriously, those biceps are cartoonishly big compared to the rest of him. He's the Ursula Udders of arms. Except way hot.

Vance said...

and he still has a baby face and looks REALLY young in most of his shots still... so almost creepy. almost.