Friday, October 24, 2008

Ugly Betty - Broadway/Diva

Ugly Betty - Granny Pants - Ep. 305

It's too bad Lyndsay Lohan was apparently fired from the set of Ugly Betty yesterday because she was so great in her return to the show. In fact, the whole thing seems perfectly timed as a publicity stunt just as Lohan's much ballyhooed guest arch returned to the show last night that it sounds like something Willlemima Helemina Wihemina Wilhelmina and Marc would have conjured up that I have to wonder about the validity of it all.

Especially when Ugly Betty squeezes in their big guest star/redemption into the mix so seamlessly and so hilariously that I kind wish la Lohan were permanently added to the cast (almost. Maybe. As long as she keeps bringing on the Mean Girls acting and not the paparazzi flashing).

Plus in a it's-about-time, they finally throw in a big Broadway storyline (and hopefully more Broadway stars will start making appearances on the show (last week we got upcoming Pal Joey's Christian Hoff!)) when Justin tries out for Broadway's Billy Elliott and encounters the school bully/jock Randy (Zac Efron lookalike Max Ehrich looking to be mauled by some girls... or guys (UPDATE: And was in many scenes as one of the main background dancers in High School Musical 3) there as his competition.

There's a hilarious dance off but no matter, the two enemies get beaten by a little blonde pipsqueak and the two start bonding. How cute is that?

But nothing beat the moment Justin high fived to Randy's knocking fist. (Uh, that wasn't meant to sound dirty). THAT was HYSTERICAL!

And then in the third inspired storyline, Wilhelmina and Daniel find out they are each other's blind internet date. It's an oldie but it works so damn well with these two new competing co-editors that I still had to laugh! Plus between the look of horror on Wilhelmina and Daniel's face, and then seeing them actually getting along for a brief minute as they try to work together to get out of their boat cruise date, it was worth the cliched plot point.

Plus, it was nice to hear that Wilhelmina actually has needs and has a "special friend". Evilness is human (and horny) too!

Loved all three storylines and while I could have done with a bit less shameful embarrassment Betty got herself into while fearing Kimmie's potential mean girl moves and the whole set up Daniel gave Kimmie to rank higher than Betty (at Betty's own suggestion no less) rang like a bad joke on amateur comedy night, it was still one of the funnier episodes in recent memory and hopefully whatever la Lohan might be doing to ruin Betty's life at Mode, hopefully Marc and Amanda will be there to enjoy it all.

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