Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lazy Man Reviews - Gossip Girl, Chuck, My Own Worst Enemy, The Big Bang Theory and More

I'm still tired and totally lazy so here are my thoughts on the latest shows in 10 words or less. Just because.

Gossip Girl - Chuck In Real Life - Ep. 207
Nate and Dan. Blair and Chuck. Eric and Jonathan. Yums!

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Cougars - Ep. 204
Nicole Richie? Boy Meets World Ben Savage! Yvonne Strahovski ROCKS!

My Own Worst Enemy - Hummingbird - Ep. 102
I am confused because this show should be better.

More on The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Samantha Who?, Little Britain USA and Degrassi:TNG after the jump:

The Big Bang Theory - The Euclid Alternative - Ep. 205
Penny should always hang with the boys. With a pillow.

How I Met Your Mother - Shelter Island - Ep. 405
Stella and Ted were getting married. Then Robin showed up!

Desperate Housewives - Back In Business - Ep. 504
Never hated but it really is in full swing again.

Brothers & Sisters - Everything Must Go - Ep. 304
Nora enlists Walkers for garage sale! Robert enlists Kevin! Awesome!

The Amazing Race - I Wonder If They Like Blondes in New Zealand? - Ep. 1304
The good blondes are gone. But it's Phil's dad!

Samantha Who? - Out of Africa - Ep. 202
Show is inconsistent. But when I laugh, it's loud.

Little Britain: USA - Eps. 101-103
So wrong, but when funny, it's FUNNY. And Paul Rudd!?!?!

Everybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Tattaglia, Everybody Hates Cake, Everybody Hates Homecoming - Eps. 401-403
It IS the black Scrubs! No respect.

Degrassi: The Next Generation - Uptown Girl Part 1 & 2, Fight the Power - Eps. 801-803
Who ARE all these people? More like the next NEXT.


Jennifer said...

I was thinking more of Degrassi: the Next Generation: the New Class. Then in 10 years we can have Mia's daughter in Degrassi: the Next Next Generation. With possibly Spinner as a teacher because he's apparently the only original kid that's staying in the opening credits. And how lame was Darcy's sendoff? Did they not get enough notice about Shanae moving onto 9021?

Vance said...

Apparently not. Apparently they had already written/planned a lot of Darcy episodes, then she got the role and it was pretty much whisked away immediately and though I heard she returned to film her going away, I thought it was over a FEW episodes and not that lame African send off.

Yeah. The New Class I guess is a better name. Is Spinner the new Screech?

I will say of the new class, I think Sam Earle has the most promise.