Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Oh God!

Pushing Daisies - Bad Habits - Ep. 203

How funny was last night's episode of Pushing Daisies? Flying Falling nuns, truffle sniffing pigs and Ned in a collar. Oh my.

Oh God no! Ned cannot go celibate! Sacrilege!

As if I couldn't fall in love with Ned even more, I think I fell in love again with Ned when he was fed the truffle enhanced pasta and wharfed it all down like he had been starving his whole life. SO CUTE!

So another episode, another mystery that actually mystified me, one where I didn't actually figure out the nun killer!

But even more importantly, Ned digs enough out of Olive and learns of the weighty secret she had been keeping about Aunt Lily being Chuck's mom. Kristin Chenowith might seem a bit older and way shorter than Lee Pace but the visual imbalance just adds to their terrific dynamics and hilarious chemistry.

I will finally complain about one thing. It's bugged me since last season, but i wonder if they are ever going to fix the Chinese Restaurant visual graphic on the window at Emerson's office. It should be facing the other way and seen backwards because at this point, it reads correctly from our interior point of view. And you know they must know that since the same visual from the outside (seen in last week's episode) was actually correct (and thus, facing the same way as the interior. Which would be wrong and inconsistent). Okay. that's all I have to complain about.

I'll go back to grinning at the thought about the whole glowing and spiritually affirming episode.

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