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So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Rock The Vote!

Top 18 - Performance Night - Ep. 107
Judges: Luther Brown, Blake McGrath, Tre Armstrong, Jean-Marc Genereux

Last week, we had our first Canadian Top 20 Dancers and while I was sad to see Bre and Kevin go, it's time to see what the remaining Top 18 can do on the dancefloor with some AMAZING choreography this week that totally impressed me. Seriously, the choreographers had some pretty cool stuff this week!


Allie Bertram and Danny Arbour
Style: Mambo
Choreographer: Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith
Song: "Mambo Gozon" - Tito Puente

Grade: A

They don't look like they are even trying. It's like their bodies just do the moves and their smiles are just along for the ride! The two cuties have such chemistry together that it seems like they've been dancing together for more than 2 weeks and each are great joys to watch, whether it be together or individually. I could probably do without the LARGE V-neck on Danny but boy, those costumes combined with the dancing is hot hot hot!

Here's the video of Allie and Danny dancing the Mambo:

Lisa Auguste and Vincent Noiseux
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Jae Blaze
Song: "Anti-Matter" - N.E.R.D.

Grade: A-

Doll fight! A Ragedy-Ann on hip hop. The dancing was tight on a routine that didn't really stop. I felt the whole routine still lacked something major even though it was a GREAT routine (I'm not sure what felt missing but something felt missing) but it was still really fun to watch and Lisa and Vincent danced it hard if slightly TOO clean.

Here's the video of Lisa and Vincent dancing Hip Hop:

Arassay Reyes and Nico Archambault
Style: Theatre
Choreographer: Melissa Williams
Song: "Somebody to Love" - Queen

Grade: A

I'm not sure what all that jerking around was, or if it's considered dancing but I LOVED IT and Arassay and Nico sure were THEATRICAL. Talk about drama! I feel exhausted (in a good way) just from watching it. The lift on the angels back was a beautiful moment in an already great piece of choreography that Nico and Arassay totally pulled off, and then some.

Here's the video of Nico and Arassay dancing Theatre:

Natalli Reznik and Francis Lafrenière
Style: Paso Doble
Choreographer: Melanie LaPatin & Tony Meredith
Song: "Espana Cani" - Manhattan Pops Orchestra

Grade: A

I thought Natalli should have left last week as she's been quickly losing points with me, but she's finally given her proper match in Francis, who is man enough for her womanly body. That Paso Doble was so spot on and so fun to watch and Natalli held her own and held it strong up to the tall and handsome Francis and I've changed my tune on her.

Here's the video of Natalli and Francis dancing the Paso Doble:

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald and Izaak Smith
Style: Dance Hall
Choreographer: Jae Blaze
Song: "Click Mi Finger" - Erup

Grade: B

This is a new dance style! Originating from Jamaica and it's done to raggae on the street but I felt like Kaitlyn and Izaak and it needed more snap and down and dirtiness. When it was good, it was fun to watch, but there were moments in between the bigger movies that felt slightly like dance-by-numbers. The judges blamed it mostly on Izaak and I will say he was the weaker of the two, but he's not completely to blame here either.

Here's the video of Kaitlyn and Izaak dancing Dance Hall:

Lara Smythe and Miles Faber
Style: Viennese Waltz
Choreographer: Amy Wright
Song: "At Last" - Etta James

Grade: B+

These two were one of my favorites from last week but for some reason, I thought this would be a disaster, especially since Miles is a B-Boy. But between the sexy Tennessee Williams Hot TIn Roof costumes and the beautiful song, I actually really liked it despite some of the missteps and technical problems. I could tell it wasn't perfect but Miles and Lara totally sold it for what they could and I'm willing to buy.

Here's the video of Miles and Lara dancing the Viennese Waltz:

Caroline Torti and Jesse Catibog
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Tanisha Scott
Song: "Touch It" - Busta Rhymes

Grade: B

Loved the routine. Usually I love Jesse but I think Caroline was the stronger of the two this time. Jesse could have hit some of the pops harder and Caroline and Jesse needed to be together more but it was still a pleasure to watch.

Here's the video of Caroline and Jesse dancing Hip Hop:

Tamina Pollack-Paris and Joey Matt
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Paul Becker
Song: "Crocodile Rock" - Elton John

Grade: B-

Loved the choreography by Paul Becker. I think these two dancers are really cute but there's still something missing from these two and I think it's Tamina whose steps seem a bit messy and I think these two don't have the passion to storytell (which Blake basically complains about too). I think Joey has it in him to sell the dance with his soul but I think he's half hiding it to match with Tamina who can do the moves but doesn't know how to dance in a character that isn't herself.

Here's the video of Tamina and Joey dancing Contemporary:

Rominia D'Ugo and Dario Milard
Style: Jazz Pop
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: "Disturbia" - Rihanna

Grade: B-

Loved the routine again but last week I thought Romina danced circles around Dario and I thought Dario should have been kicked off the show. Like Natalli redeeming herself above, Dario redeemed himself here and danced better than Romina who simply looked like she was always trying to catch up. I still loved her, her energy and her style but she wasn't as together as she should have been and the pair looked off because of it.

Here's the video of Rominia and Dario dancing the Jazz Pop:

So some terrific choreography tonight from all the choreographers. The first half of the couple danced things practically perfectly making this a hard week to choose just one favorite.

Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Nico and Arassay
2nd Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Natalli and Francis
Favorite Individual Boy of the Night: Vincent
Favorite Individual Girl of the Night: Allie

Others that I really liked tonight: Danny, Lara, Miles, Lisa
Still like: Romina, Joey, Jesse, Kaitlyn

Worst Dance of the Night: Tamina and Joey

Bottom 3 Predictions:

Tamina and Joey
Caroline and Jesse
Kaitlyn and Izaak

Considering how disappointed I was with this week's Canadian Election results, I hope Canadians vote for the proper deserved winners this time around. Granted, last night I was in the "anybody but Harper" mode whereas here it's "as long as we keep Lara and Miles and Nico and Arassay and Danny and Allie and Francis and Romina and Vincent and Lisa and Kaitlyn and Joey and Caroline and Jesse"

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