Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Not Going To Lie About Sarah Palin

I'm not going to lie. Sarah Palin is the devil in a black dress but when she was able to bop along to the same beat as Seth Myers when Amy Poehler did her Alaskan governer Gangsta rap on the SNL Weekend Update, I have to admit. I smiled a bit.

Still, when you think of it, it was STILL all Amy Poehler. (Though she is looking LARGE. When does that baby pop?)

The opening was pretty good too although I think it would have worked even better if Alec actually looked like he wasn't reading his line.

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Esther said...

It was pretty funny. I knew she'd get to say the "Live from New York" line. Why else be on the show? And she and Tina Fey really do look remarkably alike.

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