Friday, October 10, 2008

Not As Cold As You Think

On Nov. 5th, you Americans might want to think about moving to Canada (although personally, as much as we love Americans who live in Canada (we really do!), I don't even want to contemplate the thought that the election isn't going to go the way it obviously SHOULD):

And you'll even get to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada on TV! It JUST started so you'll be able to make it here just in time for the Top 10! (I should have the Top 20 post up by midday).

On the other hand, our own election this coming Tuesday, which the Conservative party is sneaking in just before the US election so that no one is really paying attention AND the day after Canadian Thanksgiving where we're all stuffed and on a happy turkey/cranberry sauce high, might end up just as bad as the states.

1 comment:

Esther said...

That was awesome! I like the no pledge drives, and the socialized medicine, of course. Will my very own personal Mountie be there to meet me at the border?!