Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Night To Remember With Zac Efron

Oh Hello Zac Efron!

Only 10 more days until High School Musical 3: Senior Year opens in theatres everywhere (on Oct. 24th, 22nd in the UK and a few other countries)!!! Seriously, it's even opening in Hong Kong on the 24th. A worldwide release? Who knew.

They had released another song on the Disney Channel (video below). At this point, I felt like I've seen half the movie now. Anyways, more pictures of Zac Efron from the current Entertainment Weekly after the jump:

"A NIght To Remember" from High School Musical 3: Senior Year:

Here's the clip from the song "I Want It All"
Here's the clip from the song "Now Or Never"
Here's the preview with the link to the trailer.
Here's the one sheet poster.

Photos by Ben Watts/Entertainment Weekly


Linz McC said...

I am still amused at what you said about how the theater workers will look at you to go get your tickets! I'll have to find a way to see it myself...

highbrow said...

Doesn't open in NZ until...waaaaait for it...DECEMBER 4th!!! :O
Told the boy I'm dragging him to it whether he likes it or not! (He doesn't like it by the way :p)