Friday, October 03, 2008

Detailing Chuck and Pushing Daisies

Chuck - Chuck vs. The First Date - Ep. 201 - Season Premiere
Pushing Daisies - Bzzzzzzzz - Ep. 201 - Season Premiere

Best background detail of the week:

Sarah now works undercover at a fro-yo company called Orange Orange on Chuck.

I appreciate little details like that, especially after I had just made a comment to my sister that fro-yo companies apparently have to have a colour and a fruit in their names. Pinkberry. Red Mango. Now Orange Orange. as in the colour. And then the fruit. Different things you know! (Also, what's the big deal with these new fro-yo places? why all the rage? Didn't Yogen Fruz do the real fruits/yogurt a long time ago? I know it's a bit tangier but other than that, it's a nice reason to overcharge for yet another fad)

Best guest casting of the week:

Not only did Pushing Daisies have French Stewart (3rd Rock from the Sun) and Missi Pyle (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) this week, they also had Autumn Reeser (The OC) and Peter Cambor (Notes From The Underbelly, below with Pyle). I did NOT realize the girl in the promo under the bubbly bee stings was Reeser. She totally rocks and I hope her new show on The CW doesn't suck (even though it totally looks like it's going to).

Again, awesome use of some great characters actors that aren't really that famous but deserve lots of screen time!

I would also award the show with background details but EVERY set is chock full of them (loved the honeycombed offices at the bee company, and especially the honeycombed door) so they would win every week.

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