Monday, October 27, 2008

Three Days of James McAvoy

I must SO go to THIS! And funny thing, I was walking in London thinking I needed to tell LinzMcC (since she might be going) and she emailed me about the news over the weekend too.

Apparently I'll have to race TheRJ first. Or save James McAvoy from his basement actually so that the rest of us can enjoy him.

"James McAvoy will star in the first West End revival of Richard Greenberg's 1997 play Three Days of Rain, which will play the Apollo Theatre, January 30-May 2. The production, which will be directed by Jamie Lloyd, will co-star Nigel Harman. The show's female role has not been cast."

I saw the Broadway production of Three Days of Rain with Julia Roberts and crushworthy co-stars Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper and quite liked the play itself as well.

I have tickets already for Madame de Sade in the spring so I will be in town already... I really will need to check out the play/stalk James McAvoy.

Here's the old crushworthy post: James McAvoy is SO Wanted


Linz McC said...

Thank you. That is all...

RJ said...

You'll have to find my basement first BWAHAHAHA

RJ said...

Seriously, though, this play I wish I could see