Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday and Sundays Are Jam Packed - Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, The Office, Grey's Antaomy, Survivor and The Amazing Race

Brothers & Sisters - You Get What You Need - Ep. 305

You know, for being one of the most predictable episodes ever, with the whole set ups for Nora and her future company that will presumably rope in Sarah and Saul, with the whole set up of Kevin finally agreeing to work for Robert McCalister, with the whole set up for Holly and Nora eventually finding Ryan, the episode was wholey (holy?) satisfying (minus the part where former brother and sister Rebecca and Justin do it. EW GROSS).

Plus, I like the slow set up of SLOOOW acceptance by Scotty's parents (who still look FAR too young to be his actual parents. Jayne Brook looks more like Luke MacFarlane's sister). Plus, to add two more to the famed Walker dinner squables would be fantastic!

Desperate Housewives - Mirror, Mirror - Ep. 505

It's the flashback episode that explains EVERYTHING! And while as wonderful as that was, I hope it was only the tip of the iceberg and they save more juicy backstory for the rest of the season. Although I hope they don't dwell on Bree's alcoholism. Not fun the first time and will never be fun.

Dave's secret plan to scare Mrs. McCluskey and make her look crazy in front of everyone was a perfect set up for his little secret (which I'm guessing won't as exciting as his set up of Mrs. McCluskey since I'm already guessing it has to do with Susan and Mike and that car accident they had).

The Amazing Race - Do It Like a Madman - Ep. 1305

Another episode with Nick and Dallas with their shirts off. Yay! Dallas is usually not my type but he's such a mama's boy, it's adorable. Plus the fact that he hates the divorcees (who I would have assumed he'd be hitting on) is a bonus. He's totally not the stereotype his haircut gives.

Meanwhile, Aja and Ty were the last to arrive. To be honest, I totally forget they were still on the show.

More on Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Survivor after the jump:

Grey's Anatomy - There's No 'I' in Team - Ep. 505

Oh man I love Bailey. There is an I in Bailey!

And minimal Mer Der talk!

Though Lexie is getting on my nerves. Get over it. George doesn't like you. Move on. WHAT'S WITH THOSE GREY SISTERS?

Loving all the other stories though. Plus the more they devote to everyone else again, the less we need to see Mer and Der. Seriously, either stay together. Or don't. Then shut up.

The Office - Crime Aid - Ep. 504

Pam is going out and night and drinks and dials. But more importantly, Jim is out for drinks with ROY!!! (and he looks GOOD!) Jim realizes that Jim was Pam's "friend" when she was engaged to Roy and drives to her in jealousy. Aw, how cute!

Meanwhile, the office is robbed and Michael starts a Crime Aid auction but more importantly, how AWESOME is Amy Ryan as Holly? I still can't get over that she's on this show and fitting in perfectly. And she was in The Wire? Talk about 180.

Survivor: Gabon - He's a Snake, But He's My Snake - Ep. 1705

I feel bad for Matty. He's not the brightest bulb but in his tribe, he might just be. And at least he actually works and tries hard. Crystal is a total disappointment, Sugar is starting to make boneheaded moves (except telling everyone she gave the Immunity Idol to Ace throwing the attention to him), Ace is a twat and Kenny is simply moronic.

You have to give it to Kota for continuing their dominance, though I love that it's former Fang tribe member Dan that is completely oblivious to the fact that he's eating too much and annoying everyone else. He's pretty and pretty dim.

I can't wait until these tribes merge! That's going to be fun!


Esther said...

Yeah, I agree that Scotty's parents look way too young. But I was kind of disappointed in Kevin. I mean, he was such a jerk. He really behaved horribly toward Scotty's parents. You'd think he would have made much more of an effort, knowing how important this was. Also, the whole dinner seemed forced. Wouldn't it have made more sense for Nora to meet Scotty's parents?

Vance said...

Oh yeah. Kevin was such a jerk though. Forced yes but ALL three plot points seemed a bit forced to get to the point where they obviously want to be. Which is why I still found it satisfyingly entertaining.