Friday, October 31, 2008

The Office - And The Tony Award Goes To... A Totally Unbiased Review

The Office - Employee Transfer - Ep. 505

Okay, maybe I'm biased because my friend Anthony Q. Farrell wrote this episode (his first on his own!), but I thought it was AWESOME!!! (and I'm saying AWWWWESOME with a whole church choral operatic higher pitched voice). (And I'm not just saying that because he's my ticket to visiting the set)

Every storyline was funny. It was awkward. There was heartbreak. Weirdness. And a lot more hilarity. Exactly what a great The Office episode should be!

Dwight was funny by being an annoyance to Andy but wasn't himself actually annoying for once.

Jim's brothers trying to prank him by talking down at (a supposedly participatory) Pam was awkwardly awesome and the double eyes-into-the-camera by Jim's brother and Jim (for two very different reasons) was brilliant, if I do say so myself!

And although I hate the fact that Holly (the superb and invaluable Amy Ryan) has to leave, her road trip with a weepy Michael and chauffeur Daryl was hilarious! Plus we got to hear Canuck Tom Cochrane's "Life is a Highway" about 5 times! Way to add some music rights money into the Canadian economy Tony! Keep it coming!

Plus the cold Halloween opening with 3 Jokers and Pam as the sole New Yorker dressed up (as Charlie Chaplin with hat, Hitler without) was simply hysterical!

Yey Tony! (and all the writer's as well of course since I do know there is teamwork involved!)

Jim is going to New York to visit Pam and they are meeting Jim's brothers for dinner (or to be beat up? Loved that line). Pam is planning to punk Jim by pretending to lose her wedding ring but the brother's have their own lame idea which is wince inducing. It's as if they were Michael's brothers, here to prod Jim and Pam again!

Michael and Daryl are on their way to drop off Holly at another branch she's being forced to transfer to and the tears come down between Michael and Holly (who wasn't touched by Daryl. Just making sure you all know that) who are being forced apart. Which isn't as loud as the tears I'm dying from either laughing at the nerdy antics of Holly and Michael, or from the sadness of realizing Amy Ryan isn't signed on permanently to the show.

Back at the office, Dwight comes in with a Cornell sweatshirt on to annoy Andy and the war continues all the way to the rival beet farm Andy plans to start (with a shirtless Andy in only overalls which is frighteningly kind of sexy).

I'm so proud of Anthony, even if he did go to my alma maters rival school, but I'll forgive him. I don't want to end up opening a beet farm or anything.

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Kathy Jones said...

I totally agree. That episode was the bomb. I can believe you were unbiased.