Thursday, October 23, 2008

NBC and Hulu Need a Do Over On Their Internet Policies

Well, apparently everyone else can watch 30 Rock a week early except me (and all the other non-US residents).

Sucks to be me (and all the other non-US residents).

I can't even get the embeding from the stupid hulu thing so head over to my fellow bloggers to watch the Season 3 Premiere Do Over (or maybe below? I don't know since I can't actually see anything! Lovely!). I can get the Oprah promo clip though (that's already been played a thousand times while Tina Fey takes over SNL):

This might be the episode but I don't even know actually:

1 comment:

Unknown said...

download the (free) application hotspot shield

it disguises your ip address (or something technical like that)

that's how i saw '30 rock' in oz today