Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harry Potter World

Ooh, new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince International Trailer!

Of course, we should have been watching the movie in less than a month but now that Warner Brothers has changed the released date to 17 July 2009, I will have to wait just a bit longer for my date with Harry Potter (or a LOT longer actually. ARGH). Although I just got tickets to Equus actually so I'll get to see Daniel Radcliffe (in all his glory) a lot sooner actually.

Here are some photos from the movie.

The new revised release dates are (according to imdb):

Argentina 16 July 2009
Austria 16 July 2009
Germany 16 July 2009
Netherlands 16 July 2009
Brazil 17 July 2009
Canada 17 July 2009
Iceland 17 July 2009
India 17 July 2009
Ireland 17 July 2009
Italy 17 July 2009
Japan 17 July 2009
Norway 17 July 2009
Sweden 17 July 2009
UK 17 July 2009
USA 17 July 2009
Portugal 18 July 2009
Egypt 22 July 2009
Estonia 24 July 2009

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Esther said...

You know, I saw a still from the movie and it made me cringe a little. Daniel Radcliffe looks like a little boy. I know he's an adult now but I still feel a little weird knowing that I'll be seeing him in Equus in all his glory.