Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P Is For - Pushing Daisies and Privileged

The A Channel in Canada shows Pushing Daisies and Privileged on Tuesday nights, making the night Positively Perfect with the at-first-glance odd pairing.

Privileged - All About Appearances - Ep. 106

I'm simply loving Privileged. I mean, I've mentioned it before, I've mentioned that the show is way better than you would expect, I simply find myself drawn to the show and anticipating the next episode, even though there aren't any huge cliffhangers or big dramatic plot archs. And it's probably because I just want to spend more time with JoAnna Garcia as Megan, the tutor to the spoiled rich girls Sage (Ashley Newbrough) and Rose (Lucy Hale) who despite being rich and bratty, have their own charms as well (especially Rose who is really a good girl who just happens to be really really rich).

Plus Megan gets to spend time with three cute boys, Michael Cassidy's best friend Charlie who is secretly in love with her, Brian Hallisay's hot neighbour Will, and David Giuntoli's hot headmaster Jacob.

Meanwhile, I sort of like how Anne Archer's stern Laurel learns her own lessons from Megan. It's the whole great classic underdog story and the whole show plays off these fairytale charms.

America's Next Top Model Nigel Barker guested as a photographer taking Laurel, Rose and Sage's photo for an ad campaign but Laurel realizes how distant she has become from the girls and realizes that Megan was right when she warned her about it.

Meanwhile, I knew Megan had to break up with Jacob at some point (especially with Will and Charlie waiting in the wings and David Giuntoli being only a guest star) but did they HAVE to make him a bad guy in the end? I know there has to be an evil character in a fairytale but it didn't have to mean that he was sleeping with a former student did it?

Meanwhile, in the other fairytale world:
Pushing Daisies - Frescorts - Ep. 204

The gang investigates a Frescorts company. That's Friend and Escort. If Ned's a Frescort, I would buy.

David Arquette and Debra Mooney (Everwood) guest star this week and they couldn't fit into the Pushing Daisies world any more perfectly.

Debra Mooney plays Emerson's mom. A PI who taught Emerson everything he knows. And Mooney is PERFECTLY cast as the senior Cod, even though she's white and he's not, which makes it even better!

Meanwhile, David's role as a client of the Frescort company is a re-occuring one so I knew he couldn't be the killer, but I just like to think that his inclusion on the show means that Courtney Cox Arquette and David must watch this show together at night, and maybe they invite Jennifer Aniston and the whole Friends crew over to watch. Which would be neat, since the two shows couldn't be more different.

Olive and Chuck get locked up in a locker and the truth about Olive's crush on Ned and Chuck's uncomfortableness was hilarious. Getting locked up with Chenowith anywhere would be hilarious.

Again, the whole episode and mystery goes ALL over the place (and I mean that as a good thing), with Emerson revealing that he has a little girl to his mom, with a cute footballer player as a statue, with inter-office romance being reprimanded with murder, and Ned reaching out to a new odd-friend.

Plus the bonds between Chuck and Ned, and Chuck and Olive become stronger and stronger, just as the show itself continues to get stronger and stronger.

P is for the privilege of viewing the pure parfait perfection of Privileged and Pushing Daisies!

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joy said...

Yay, someone else who loves Privileged!

I was set to hate the show - completely. In fact, it was *nowhere* on my dance card late this summer.

But, because it's the WB, I mean, the CW, it got a shot. And I haven't regretted it yet. It fills my Gilmore Girls void perfectly.