Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Busy Day in LA Yesterday

I forgot my cord so my pictures from yesterday will have to wait but I went to check out the set of The Office (met Mindy and Paul (Kelly and Toby!)), ALMOST got to see Ellen on standby (damnit, Leonardo DiCaprio was just on the other side of the wall and we could totally hear him (and I even offered to hold down the guards and let LinzMcC run for it but in the end we didn't do it)), finally ate at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (and now I'm about to have a heart attack), then saw the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour at the Nokia Theatre in LA and I'll write more about that soon but here's some quick notes while I still have them in my head:

I LOVE Mark! He would totally make a great choreographer. He has such weird and fluid movements.

I forgot how good Thayne was and how good looking he was. And the big surprise, he was a pretty good host.

Less video montages this time, (or, at least it's integrated better and only the start Top 5 auditions that Nigel always does felt like a big time waster).

Gev is adorable.

Katee is SO precise in her movements. Amazing.

Twitch is better in person and his solo rocked.

But Gev's Solo was better. In fact the best of the night.

Pasha and Anya made an appearance!

The show lasted almost 2 hours and 45 min. with intermission.

The boys as a group are SO entertaining and their personalities really stand out on stage.

Chelsea T. and Kherington should have stayed longer in the competition.

So should have Gev and Thayne.

The best dance of the night was probably the Bollywood GROUP dance.

They ended the night with what I gather is a tradition now, with "You Can't Stop The Beat" but I still think the Season 2 choreography was better suited for the stage.

The Nokia Theatre is ENORMOUS though still smaller than The ACC where SYTYCD Live will play in Toronto.
I'm not sure I'm digging that the tour is getting bigger and bigger and more concert like and less theatrical like. And thus more impersonal.

The set now has a fancy video screen that can break apart. Apparently they've given the set dept. a bit of money now.

Major disappointment though now is that there were NO NEW routines created JUST for the Live Tour. Did they do any last year? Can't remember right now. They did for the 1st tour (of Season 2).

Hopefully I'll be able to post reviews and pictures soon of ACE (from the Signature Theatre in Washington DC) as well as everything I saw in LA.

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jeremy said...

The only routine I can think of that was new for the stage last year was the hip-hop one w/ the 3 hip-hoppers (hok, dominic, and, uh, the girl). But I'm pretty sure there was at least one more.