Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homo Erotic - Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, The Amazing Race, Eli Stone and More

Either I'm reading way too much into these shows (partly on purpose) or I need to go out on a date again. And soon.

Gossip Girl - New Haven Can Wait - Ep. 206

Even though I don't buy Serena's vengeful war with Blair, it sure is a LOT of fun to watch.

Even though I don't understand why Chuck is THAT mad at Dan (oh please, pissed a bit maybe, but using his life as fodder for a story seems small compared to other things he's done) but it sure is a LOT of fun to watch Chuck's vengeful techniques. So I loved it even more when poor-lil-rich-boy Nate starts siding with Dan after pretending to be in the wanna-be-writer's shoes during their day at Yale. (Plus big bonus points for lying about his identity to get into Krysta Rodriguez' pants)

I've been waiting for more Nate/Dan bonding...

Desperate Housewives - Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else - Ep. 503

All the new kids sure are cute (even Juanita) but boy has Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) grown into a handsome fellow. I know. It's really 4 months pretending to be 5 years but hot is hot. And funny is funny especially when Gaby goes to battle with Andrew over a car sale gone bad.

Actually, anything with Gaby is funny and loving her defensive mother routine after Juanita bullies MJ and she does battle with Susan.

Meanwhile, was it me or was Jackson and Mike's little playfight almost reminiscent of Gale Harold's Queer as Folk days? There seemed to be a bit too much twinkle in each of the boys eyes.

Not to mention Dave's attempt to bond with Tom with their new garage band. So that's what guys do in their garages in the burbs... it's a perfect set up. Keep the women out with the noise, keep their privacy, unless there's a Mrs. McCluskey around.

More on Brothers & Sisters, Chuck, The Amazing Race, Eli Stone, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Samantha Who? and Worst Week after the jump:

Brothers & Sisters - Tug of War - Ep. 303

Let's just ignore the downer Justin war stories OR his still-icky relationship with not-my-sister-Rebecca and concentrate on the joys of the show:

Seriously, the show keeps stringing us along with the evercute Kevin and Scotty as they buy their time with other lame non-family-gathering-drinking-stories. The show tries to do serious, but unless it involves the whole family (preferably with alcohol), it never seems to work and they still never know what to do with those characters (Justin, Tommy, Saul, Holly)

Kevin is urged to stay in the closet by X-Files man (so you know he can't be good) at work to try to land a big client and he does. As much as I love the always championing Scotty, I can't say I would have done it differently than Kevin in that situation. I know. Weak. But understandable in our sad society.

Sad also is the constant annoyance of Holly on the Walkers and never knowing what to do with Saul and sometimes Sarah, so maybe their quitting Ojai foods might bring the family together (minus Tommy) and form a new company that will keep the family together (and thus more bickering and hilarious fights). Cheers to that!

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Break-Up - Ep. 203

Bryce is back to annoy the heck out of Chuck and to come between him and Sarah but alas, Bryce isn't the problem. Sarah's secret life is. It was painful to watch Chuck eventually break-up with Sarah.

You gotta love Captain Awesome's positive thinking though. Or other stuff...

Bryce's sunglasses was a nice gift too. Genius!

The Amazing Race - Did You Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge? - Ep. 1303

How darling is Dallas? What a good son! Always cheering on his mom and being such a good boy. Plus how hot did he look in that ridiculous wrestling outfit? He looked liked a friggin' superhero!

Seems like the divorcees are hating Nick and Starr but from the footage, seems like they and everyone else is really hating Starr for being Starr and Nick for being her perfect, cute, rational brother. Between his already adorable manner AND playing attempted peace maker, can you love the boy any more?

And he doesn't even look that bad in spandex!

The Big Bang Theory - The Griffin Equivalency - Ep. 203

I know why I love Jim Parsons as Sheldon. He's like a younger Rowan Atkinson matching creepy (and hilarious) smile for creepy (and hilarious) smile to Atkinson's Mr. Bean. With a slightly sexier receding hairline.

How I Met Your Mother - Intervention - Ep. 404

I missed these clues but I also missed the total cohesiveness of it all. Or something. Enjoyed the episode that gave all the characters something funny to do, with some funny reveals (Robin's Canadian drunkeness, Barney's fire tricks, Marshall's hat, Lily's British accent) but I didn't think it was one of those "best" episodes that this show can do so well.

Still, Barney at 80 was still hot. Or actually, Neil Patrick Harris as old Barney is hot.

Worst Week - The Truck - Ep. 104

I really don't know how much more humiliation and looks of disappointment from the future in-laws Kyle Bornheimer's Sam (or us viewers) can take but boy, Kyle is super adorable with his looks of guilt/horror.

And as obvious as the joke was, I still laughed out loud when the truck caught on fire.

But Bornheimer's Sam and Erinn Hayes' Melanie have a super sweet chemistry together that I do want to see them prevail their parent's disappointing eye and see them through the pregnancy.

Eli Stone - The Path - Ep. 201 - Season Premiere

Jonny Lee Miller is back as Eli Stone! Back with the singing and dancing in a lawyer show with a lot of heart and soul and other psychological speak (now with guest star Sigourney Weaver as said psychiatrist).

Plus I love that the show has somehow sneaked in musical numbers into the show without needing to be labeled the "musical" show.

Eli is back and recovering from his brain surgery but now we discover brother Nate (Matt Letscher) is having similar visions. Nice twist. Not to mention the even bigger re-twist with Eli.

Oh yeah, and as a great little show Eli Stone is and its fabulous cast (Victor Garber! Loretta Devine! Tom Amandes! etc.), don't forget about the man hotness on the show! Letscher, Miller, Sam Jaegar (in keeping with the post theme. Ha, I had to sneak it in there somewhere).

Samantha Who? - So I Think I Can Dance - Ep. 201 - Season Premiere

No man hotness this week (with minimal Barry Watson time) but Sam chooses to dance with her mother in a dance competition to beat Cybil Sheppard (who wouldn't) and be the second female-female team (thanks to the new lesbians in the neighbourhood).

You gotta give Christina Applegate some respect here.

From her great dancing in flashbacks to her AWKWARD dancing now, the girl has got some physical talent and comedic timing in spades. Gotta love those jazz hands!

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