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Benji, Gucci and Popped Noses - Spoilers On The SYTYCD Canada Top 16

OMG! Top 16 Performance night this Wednesday is going to be AWESOME!!! (at 8pm on CTV)

First of all, Kenny Ortega, director of those little movies called High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and this Friday's High School Musical 3: Senior Year, is a guest judge.

Then we imported American choreographers Lil'C and S2 winner Benji Schwimmer to help the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 16 dancers!

Then we get the adorable Miles Faber with his shirt off. And my tongue is still on the floor. HOOOOOLEEEEEEE COWWWWWWWWW HOOOOOOOOOOOT DAAAAAMN. OMG THAT IS A SWEET SWEET BODY. IT IS SICK!

Of the 8 pairs, I thought 6 were FANTASTIC and the other two, half of the pairings were good. It's going to be a difficult cut this week and though I think I've formed my Top 10 in my mind now, it was still an overall good night (Performance nights are filmed on Mondays to be shown on Wednesdays just as the American version does it).

So, beware below, because here are the SPOILERS for the pairs, their styles this week, the choreographers, and my quick thoughts about the dance as seen live (I'll do another post on Wednesday with how it looks on TV since it can seem different). I may have overated some of the dances due to the excitement of seeing the performances live so I'll give new scores on Wednesday after watching it on television with everyone else. But you'll get the general idea below, at least relatively speaking (UPDATE: Here's the full recap of the Top 16 Performances based on the TV telecast):

Judges: Kenny Ortega, Paul Becker, Tre Armstrong, Jean-Marc Genereux

Lara Smythe and Miles Faber
Style: Krump
Choreographer: Lil'C
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 01

Grade: B+, maybe A- (but I want to make sure my score isn't just elevated from my blood pressure after seeing Miles' half naked).

Seriously. Sick! Totally Buck. The judges all loved it (and said Buck a few too many times). I felt there were mistakes and it wasn't technically perfect but Miles and Lara put all their energies into the dance that as always, you can't help but love these two because they always make their performances fun fun fun to watch. Plus, Miles. Abs. O. M. F. G. I think I'm in LOVE!

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald and Izaak Smith
Style: Cha Cha
Choreographer: Benji Schwimmer
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 02

Grade: B (A- for Kaitlyn, C+ for Izaak)

I love Izaak but as many of the judges mention, Kaitlyn dances circles around Izaak here and he's clearly the weaker link here. She's totally fab in Benji's high energy and fun routine but it's somehow slightly disappointing because of the imbalance in the team. Is essentially the weakest of the night.

Lisa Auguste and Vincent Noiseux
Style: Afro Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 03

Grade: A+

WOW. That was so beautiful and Lisa and Vincent totally sold the Afro Jazz (it really felt Afro... AND Jazz!). They are such beautiful dancers that they had BETTER NOT BE IN THE BOTTOM 3 again this week. In fact, this was probably the best dance of a mostly strong night.

Tamina Pollack-Paris and Joey Matt
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Luther Brown
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 04

Grade: A-

Boy did these two kids get lucky. Everyone I know thought they should have been eliminated last week. And just as Comfort had gotten Hip Hop on the week everyone thought she was next, Tamina is one lucky girl. Cause she rocked it this week and was solid, and even made Joey seem pretty solid. The judges loved them and while I still saw a bit of contemp white boy in Joey, he was a LOT better than I imagined and the two still made the routine pretty damn good, saving themselves for another week, this time on their own merit!

Natalli Reznik and Francis Lafrenière
Style: Rumba
Choreographer: Gustav Vargas
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 05

Grade: A

Smoldering hot. The judges loved these two as they were made for each other. And made for ballroom. Francis still has that ballroom plastered smile/look a bit too much sometimes which he doesn't need to always do with his handsome face and tall frame but whatever, he dances so well with Natalli that one can ignore it enough to enjoy the two. Another strong night for these two, who thankfully got paired up together last week. Plus, Natalli was looking hot in her Gucci gown. (Wow. Gucci? CTV really does believe in this show if the wardrobe allows THAT kind of budget!)

Allie Bertram and Danny Arbour
Style: Quick Step
Choreographer: Pierre Allaire
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 06

Grade: A-

I was thinking it might be the best Quick Step we've seen on the show from what I can remember and Jean-Marc Genereux states the exact same thing. Allie and Danny seemed nervous at first but who wouldn't when they have the Dance of Death to perform. The killer dance that has killed other great couples. Yet the supercute Allie and Danny prevail and survive the Quick Step still smiiling and even if they didn't get all the steps right (though from what I could tell, they seemed to do pretty well), they made it fun to watch without any cringeworthy moments.

Arassay Reyes and Nico Archambault
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Blake McGrath
Song: "" - Marc Broussard
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 07

Grade: A+

Another week, another blow out performance by hot couple Nico and Arassay! This time they're fighting and the sparks are flying! To the point where Arassay accidentally knocked her head so hard into Nico's head in rehearsal that Nico had to pop his nose back into place.
Last week they jerked around a lot and they made it look fantastic, this week they seem to jumping and grabbing each other a lot but they still totally sold it. Amazing. From the screams in the crowd, this couple is definitely one of the faves, and definitely one of mine.

Caroline Torti and Jesse Catibog
Style: Rock
Choreographer: Melissa Williams
Song: "" -
CALL: 1-877-9 SPIN 08

Grade: B

Just like Kaitlyn and Izaak, the girl here dances circles around Jesse. I usually love Jesse but I barely noticed him here as Carolyn takes over as the devil and burns the boy good. Because of the imbalance, the dance still feels as one of the weakest two of the night, despite it being a very good routine, but clearly the others now are surpassing Carolyn and Jesse who have so much potential but have yet to still truly display it to us.

Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Lisa and Vincent
2nd Favorite Pairs Dance of the Night: Nico and Arassay

Other strong teams: Danny and Allie, Miles and Lara, Natalli and Francis

Worst Dance of the Night: Kaitlyn and Izaak and mainly because of Izaak.

Bottom 3 Predictions:

Caroline and Jesse
Kaitlyn and Izaak

and... um... Danny and Allie? Natalli and Francis? Miles and Lara? Joey and Tamina? It's going to be a tough call...

but CALL and VOTE on Wednesday night and watch! UPDATE: Here's the full recap of the Top 16 Performances

I can't wait to see how it looks on TV and re-evaluate all the dances and maybe see things in a different perspective (since I couldn't see the floor being in the crowd and I tried to only watch the live action and refrain from watching the screen). I'll be back later this week with the rundown and hopefully someone will post the videos soon after. Videos for the Top 18 are slowly going up now so the rest of you in America should be able to watch now!

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