Sunday, October 26, 2008

British Fame

The new British show Britannia High (premiering tonight on ITV at 6:15pm (!??)) is clearly looking to capitolize on the success of High School Musical. But it's less like the innocence of HSM and more dramatic and aimed for an older audience that feels more like Center Stage and is essentially Fame: UK. Which isn't a bad thing. In that British serial soapy way. (Think of a singing and dancing Hollyoaks or if the new 90210 had song and dance (which would probably be an improvement)). I mean, the story so far is pretty cliched (new poor struggling girl not being accepted by the cooler dancers/singers) but I like the song and dance. (UPDATE: You can watch it here. Someone youtubed it)

Plus the songs are that Brit pop type. Think S Club 7 or Girls Aloud. UPDATE: The songs are apparently written by Take That's Gary Barlow. OH THAT EXPLAINS IT!

Here's the trailer:

"Start of Something New"

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