Friday, September 07, 2007

The 100 Best TV Shows of ALL-TIME? hmm... maybe

Did anybody see this? Time Magazine came out with their list of The 100 Best TV Shows of ALL-TIME. I don't know when it was publised but my friend sent it to me yesterday and I've been trying to digest the list since then (and I noticed tvtattle made a note of it today too so maybe it did just come out).

Wait. What? No Degrassi (the original)? hehe... King of the Hill is on it and no Degrassi? I love my Veronica Mars too but I guess it didn't make enough of an impact.

Anyways. seems like a pretty good list, if not half-expected and mainstream but I guess these lists have to be.

There's a good write up for each show with a clip as well but I haven't watched the video of how they chose the list and what the guidelines were yet.


Anonymous said...

It's actually a pretty decent list. Not many omissions jump to mind. Off the top of my head I would add - Fawlty Towers, Picket Fences, Scrubs, Sports Night, Babylon 5 and maybe if they want to talk about impact - Law & Order, Flintstones and LA Law.
Love the inclusion of Wiseguy, one of my top 10 favourites of all time although missing it's counterpart from that time Crime Story.

Scooter McGavin said...

All you really need to know about this list is that is created by one guy so it has as much credibility if you or I created our own list only this dude conned Time into putting it on there website.

Actually it may be less credible because his rules are just absurd and he even admits it saying two like shows don't both belong on the list but has both versions of The Office. I like him to explain to me how The Offices are more different than Frasier is to Cheers.

And disallowing shows that are only one year old is pretty stupid saying the show may stary to suck. What's to say any of other shows still in production won't start to slide also. Look at the last three years of The X-Files. I can accept a list with all shows or shows no longer in production, but this one year limit is stupid.

And seriously, why bother putting together a list of anything and not even bother to rank them? This may be the most worthless list ever devised.

Jennifer said...

I saw this list but I can't really say too much about it since there's a lot of older stuff I've never watched but I thought some of the picks were a bit Felicity, which did have a great first season but the rest of which was pretty much just crap. Oh well. I wonder how much of the list the writer of the list has really watched. I wouldn't feel right putting a series on a list like this unless I'd seen a good chunk if not all of the episodes (for the scripted non-soap-opera series have watched every episode of like 60 Minutes or the Price is Right would be insane).

Vance said...

I was totally thinking Sports Night too.

As for credibility, REALLY? JUST ONE DUDE? I still haven't looked at his "rules" but whatever.

As for Price is Right, I can totally understand why it's on the list even though I haven't seen every ep (and uh, I actually liked that Felicity was up there).